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The UK Residence Market Awakens Up To On the internet Property Agents

The online modified the company structure of many UK sectors very quickly. Insurance, travel, books, gambling. Even shopping was modified permanently with the introduction of the globally web.

In the UK the exact property market accepted the globally web when Rightmove released in 1999. This was followed by numerous other property sites such as Primary Place, Findaproperty and Zoopla which are the next biggest property sites respectively. Searching for a home for sale modified permanently and real estate buyers turned to dressed in out their computer keyboard rather than their shoes when looking for homes to buy.

But despite the success of property sites like Rightmove and its colleagues, the estate agents York UK company has remained mostly limited to its traditional Great Road limitations. Expensive Great Road workplaces asking for a commensurately high property promoting fee. Great expenses from Great Road auctions.

It seems at last though that the UK property market is finally adopting the internet trend.

Internet providers are still a relatively new thing in the places of Britain and Wales. But it is unavoidable that with all of the benefits of what sales provide, they are intended to fall traditional companies as the exact property promoting method of choice amongst the customers of London, uk, Birmingham, Birmingham, Bradford, You are able to, Cardiff, Leeds, Shell, Bristol, Exeter and Nottingham.

Companies that sell your home online have a unique advantage over traditional home suppliers. They utilize one central office location from which they cover the whole of the country. Because of that economic system of range, the internet agent is able to provide a much lower promoting fee. In fact their low income are often ten times less than common auctions.

Online auctions provide flat fee choices as one off advance fees and which ensure that your home is listed with all of the UK's top ten property sites.

Good Colorado Springs Investment Property

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Get Colorado Springs Investment Property

Colorado Springs Investment Property. Are you looking for investment properties in Colorado Springs? Wholesale Real Estate? Distressed properties? Bank Owned Real Estate, Short Sales, cash flowing rental properties, fix and flip opportunities? Colorado Real estate investors look no is your source for Colorado Springs Investment Property

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Colorado Springs Investment Property

Colorado Springs Investment Property. Are you looking for investment properties in Colorado Springs? Wholesale Real Estate? Distressed properties? Bank Owned Real Estate, Short Sales, cash flowing rental properties, fix and flip opportunities? Colorado Real estate investors look no is your source for Colorado Springs Investment Property

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A Kitchen Make over granite countertops bay area

My customers introduced me the motivation for their "feature" walls, from an marketing by Marble City, for their Chateau Selection, a mix of shade enameled and stainless-steel.  With an concept in my go, I was off to see my customized manufacturer in Tyson's Area to talk about the concept of stainless-steel created wood made storage and gates.  He was quite satisfied to allow for the ask for and soon we were creating sawdust!

I select to keep the scheme white-colored and greyish, since granite countertops bay area was also a must-have in this kitchen.  However, I finished up with White Dream marble, since it's stronger than stone, which is smoother and can imprinted more quickly.  I did select a mix of Carerra stone for the back splash - the complete is a mixture of refined, perfected and "flamed" (simply significance a difficult surface) - it's really something when the mild strikes it.

New Techniques to Buy Financial commitment Property

Securing residence is traditionally the most perfect investment. Just before the Nineties people sensed that is was almost unheard-of to throw away cash in residence. The refrain many people followed was "Buy investment residence." In case you have been viewing the international areas you already identify there have been residence pockets in a number of nations such as Ireland in europe, The country, the UK, Hong Kong, Asia, and lately the U. s. Declares.Colorado Springs investment property

Get Colorado Springs Investment Property

Colorado Springs Investment Property. Are you looking for investment properties in Colorado Springs? Wholesale Real Estate? Distressed properties? Bank Owned Real Estate, Short Sales, cash flowing rental properties, fix and flip opportunities? Colorado Real estate investors look no is your source for Colorado Springs Investment Property

The Best Colorado Springs Investment Property

Colorado Springs Investment Property. Are you looking for investment properties in Colorado Springs? Wholesale Real Estate? Distressed properties? Bank Owned Real Estate, Short Sales, cash flowing rental properties, fix and flip opportunities? Colorado Real estate investors look no is your source for Colorado Springs Investment Property

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Family Role In Child Development

Family Role In Child Development
Indonesian society is known as a community that has a long tradition of kinship and complex. In some areas, the technical term that indicates the name of the clan kinship. In Java, although rarely used his surname but not least the close family ties to the area who used the name marga. That in Javanese culture term used to refer to family relationships rise to seven generations.

The close family relationships in the Indonesian society is a strong indicator of the dominance of family in one's life. Family norms seem to still be upheld. Even to someone else to form their own families, the origin of his family still always taken.

In conjunction with the development of a person, the family is the first and foremost place in a person's development. Said to be the first place because someone first learn to socialize and communicate within the family (Kaswanti Purwo, 1990:101-103). Since I was in the womb, birth, infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood a necessarily interact intensively with the family. Interaction with family divided when someone new starts have committed themselves to others in a marriage. That just does not cut off family ties definitely one hundred percent.

Is said to be the main venue for the communication pattern and order of values ​​within a family giving a very large influence on the behavior of a child (Gordon, 1984; 6). For example, families are harmonious and democratic. Harmony and democratic values ​​that the family owned was certainly inherited by his children. In Java, the language that is in accordance with the maxim that the "Peanuts mongso ninggali trellis". That is, more or less the same behavior with the behavior of their parents.

Because the family occupied a central position in the early development of children, many experts give attention to the problems harmonious parent-child relationship. This is due to the number of cases of disharmony between parents and children while in the context of the development of children, parents play a very large (Gordon, 1984: 1-9).

In the context of counseling for teenagers in high school is known that cases dealing with moral issues can usually be traced child of her family background. For example, children who have social deviance usually background family disharmony. Or there are kids who are addicted to drugs because of a lack of affection from their parents.

Importance Of Moral Education Reform Era

Importance Of Moral Education Reform Era
It felt as though we agree that the reform had an impact in the life of Indonesian society. As with all change, there are likely to impact change in a positive direction, but some are inclined toward the negative. Positive influence during these visits is democracy and freedom better than ever before. To the extent that people do not understand negative effects of the reform because of the attention focused on the issue of democracy.

If it does not reform coupled with the economic crisis, political crisis and ultimately morality, surely the one reform would result in the triumph for our nation. however, when attention was focused on the issue of reform of political advantage, closing the right eye there is great danger facing our nation. The fundamental danger is besara and morality crisis.

The symptoms of the crisis of morality towards people already apparent. Case of Ambon and Aceh, riots, arson, and rape is a monumental cases that indicate a nation's moral crisis. While other cases such as narcotics, counterfeiting money, debt conglomerate, solving the slow corruption, murder, fights, strikes and demonstrations origin is a further indicator of the nation's moral decline.

I think we've too jenuhh with this multidimensional crisis problem. For that we need immediately doing efforts for our nation back to its original state so ready faster in welcoming moment world. Which if the right effort and directly touch the basic nature of the development of a nation is tackling morality of Indonesian human resources. Indonesian people need addressed so that normal morality.

Parties that if it still looks neutral in dealing with the morality of human resources dalah religious institutions and educational institutions. Religious institutions are concerned directly with moral qualities of mankind. Because it is directly concerned with themselves they will be working hard to raise awareness and to greater moral quality of his people. But their efforts are limited to religious kontels each religion.

Educational institutions are better able to reach the audience it regardless of denomination. education that diving offers scientific truths and universal seems to be able to get into all levels of society. It also can play a strategic position when our society already has fragmented because of religious issues.

Because education is seen more entered into various layers and groups regardless of the racial element is feasible and appropriate if the institution entrusted character education issues. With the inclusion of moral education in education in general, it means that moral education can be implemented in a systematic and very broad reach.

Regardless of the pros and cons of the problem a clear moral education for education practitioners a way that is the best contribution of the world of education. Of course, character education is not merely in the sense of formal education, which is organized by the school education, but education in its broadest sense, namely that education can take place within the family, community, and school.

Human Resources in Indonesia

Long before we enter the year 2000, the plenary session XI OIEC  four values ​​that need to be emphasized in welcoming the year 2000. The four universal values ​​is respect for others, creativity, solidarity, responsibility and spirituality (Dick Hartoko, 1985:50). if suggestion that we refleksi back at this point, it seems fitting that concerns many parties going on at the time, namely that the world will be hit by the global moral degradation when the universal values ​​as mentioned above still does not get more attention.

In connection with the humanitarian conditions in Indonesia we know that the economic crisis and politic which has more than three this year, causing various problems. Problems deepened and the need to receive treatment quickly is a matter of moral decline of human resources. Many cases are the evidences of human morality Indonesia will decline only misalanya rapes, rampant drug use, murder, amok time and much more.

Indonesia issues of human decadence that is becoming increasingly visible ironic when we are heavily- plan for improving the quality of human resources in order to face globalisation era.  quality of human resources is the key to our ability to face the globalisation era because if it does not have the human resources that are reliable we would not compete in their own country when the human resources of foreign countries free entry into our country. Then we can see how the rise of various institutions and universities vying quality of its human resources.

Proved that we did not have the quality of human resources as human resources we fail to address the economic crisis, political, till almost resulted in the nation's moral crisis. If the problem is not solved soon decline, slowly-slowly this nation fall to ruin it more severe. For it must needs be immediately sought a way of solving structured, effective and appropriate. Thus, in a relatively short time we were able to restore the moral quality of human resources in normal conditions.

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Your blog is your typical

"Characteristic". Maybe the word is not familiar to our ears we hear. sometimes it is this which make the most of a person can be successful. Why ....? This is because we will look more different than others, for example, if we have a discovery and then the discovery that we already have or create the common people, the findings may be disepelehkan by some people, and people who aim to find stuff that will surely find goods that have the best quality and reliable. this is what makes us get very heavy competition, especially if we are still a novice then it is very difficult to beat our rivals are already a senior. but if we are distinctively discovery of other discoveries, maybe people will consider the findings because we have a "fingerprint" of different quality than the others.

As told Mas Dedy Corbuzer in the show on TV on Monday, 17 January 2011: there was a construction worker who worked hard to very hard, but he began to complain to the situation today is his position was never raised. to construction workers were told this in one of his boss 'huhh ..... I've worked hard, but why pay and rank I do not ever go up' and then his boss said, you should use the blue hat on the job. The porters then use the cap that has been suggested earlier. and finally salary and rank of the construction workers up and keep going up. why this could happen ......? not because there are caps that are used the spell, but all the construction workers who work in these places use the red hat and blue hat that uses only his own, then it is this which makes him more and more attention because its performance is excellent.

So if we apply this in our blog ....... is it worth? the answer is very useful, because if your blog is automatically distinctively people who visit our blog will feel they have something new and different from the others. for example, just this blog ( which has the hallmark of a tutorial that is not the result Copas (hehehe. ... cuman this characteristic that I know of this blog if there are more please add :)

Readers: basinya basa enough I've started to get bored just go into the topic. author: ok I started. following advice that I will give your blog to be implemented in order to have a characteristic:

1. if you have a blog post that was not his own creativity sebiknya leave, perhaps most readers will be lazy visit to our blog because readers will find articles that are of sumbernnya.

2. the words we use must also be distinctively. Example: Friend, Bro, Gan, Etc.. for example one of our article reads like this: "if you read this post may be 'buddies' will be confused so you should read my previous article" Ok Bro ....... or perhaps the words of my friend (oops ...... hahahaha catch) using affirmations have in certain words.

3. or maybe we mempunyaio typical blog posting updates every day, why not ...? This is very useful to add tables of visitors who come to our blog. but to be honest I can not afford as a writer in this case ..... hehehehe

4. try we have a design template that is different from the others by combining staining are related to each other to form an unexpected harmony. but if we use the template that only makes the reader's eye to be sore (aka suffering), I can assure the reader already run first before reading our posts. This dikarenakn coloring template so that we are colliding automatic eye will tend to look for a lighter color. this often happens in the background template menggukan black background. eg: merging color black with a white-gray. but still could use colors really collide. example penggbungan color 'black with a purple'.

5. the use of any debenarnya adsense into the characteristic, as if the excessive use the adsense blog I can guarantee you will fall apart, especially if put adsense in any place is definitely more messy. what you want if your blog has characteristics like this .....? yaph ........ Here are tips as possible until I gave the hallmark please comment if there are additional wrote.

4 Reasons Why You Should Answer Any Comments on Your Blog

If you make a post, you must expect a lot of you blog readers who commented on the post. Just as you do a presentation in front of the crowd and look forward to your presentation be noted and understood. However, a presentation would be meaningless if you ignore any comments from your audience. Similarly, comments on blog posts, you need to answer these comments.

Most bloggers representations do not have time to answer comments. But if you continue to reason with it, then forever you will not have time to reply to a comment. Spend 10 minutes each day to reply to comments that come to your blog. With the reply to these comments, you will get many benefits as I will describe below.

Encourage others to comment
Usually someone would comment immediately after putting away. But the reply to these comments, other people will not hesitate to go back to your blog and leave more comments.

Add to the quality of your post
By making reply comments and did some small talk with visitors on your blog will increase your overall quality of the content. Some minor points were missed will usually be more easily revealed in this conversation. That way, the new visitors coming to your blog will feel lucky to get quality information and complete.

Can help the SEO activity
By doing a little conversation in the comments section post will indirectly help your SEO activities. Because in these comments keywords that you would have shot up more because it is used by many people. That way search engines will easily bring up your blog content if put keywords that you shoot in the search box.

Adding the trust of others towards you
Make reply comments, you can increase confidence in the eyes of others. Your blog visitors will assume that you are truly expert in your niche blog. This will build your brand and credibility in the eyes of other people will be stronger.

In addition the number of comments you will also double. For example like this, you have 15 comments on your posts, if all the comments you respond, then you will have 30 comments. This is certainly an interesting thing for each new person visiting your blog because the number of comments that so much.

Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is common in women who are sexually active. Urinary tract infection is an infection common in young women and the second reason women visit a doctor. As many as 50-80% of women experience at least one urinary tract infection x in a lifetime. Women 30 times more susceptible to UTIs than men. this is caused by 3 things:

1. Female urethra is shorter, only 2.5 to 3 cm 2. The location of the estuary near the vagina and anus 3. women do not have prostate as an antibacterial

2. Urinary Tract Infection is the growth of microorganisms in the urinary tract, but normally do not contain bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. Urinary Tract Infections can occur anywhere. ranging from the urethra, bladder, ureters (the tubes that drain urine fibromuskuler from the kidneys to the bladder) or the kidneys.

3. Other types of Urinary Tract Infection is pyelonephritis / kidney infection. This disease must be dobati because it can cause a decline in kidney function. UTI can be elevated in people with diabetes. urine contains fluids, salts, and waste products, but sterile; free of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Behavior of women the most frequent cause is a Urinary Tract Infection is washing genitals from back to front (from the vagina to the urethra) should be from front to back. Other causes are increased sexual activity, often called the honeymoon sisititis.

Microorganisms that often cause this condition are chlamydia and mycoplasma can cause Urinary Tract Infections both men and women. Other behaviors often hold urination and urinating before and after intercourse. risk factors in women are: pregnancy, diabetes, menopause, long-term immobility, kidney stones, urethra narrower and less drinking.

Urinary Tract Infection is common in pregnancy. Physiological changes both hormonal and mechanical increasing the likelihood of bacteriuria in pregnant women. Symptoms and signs of UTI are not always complete and sometimes non-existent, which is the condition called asymptomatic bacteriuria. Symptoms found were: Dysuria = Pain when urinating, Urgency = urgency when urinating, frequent urination Polakisuria Clinical symptoms of upper urinary tract (kidneys and ureters) are often accompanied by pain, fever, nausea, Mutah and hematuria (blood urine) . more likely to be frequent urination, dysuria (pain when urinating) and pain in the supra-pubic

If healthy people, young and not pregnant, does not need to be given the drug. Enough water to drink 2 liters per day, and hygiene, the bacteria content in urinotomatis will be reduced and the infection can be prevented.

Learn to Make Money Online

Hello bloggers and online business companions. Make money on the internet has been a trend for a blogger. This means that where there is a blog then 90% can be sure there is space or a place to make money. I mean not just a blogger bloggers. But he will make his blog as a source of money. Prevalent on the internet called work from home means working from home, work at home means working at home and others. Even more cool again make money online. What does that mean? English was a means to make money online. Make money ... not looking for money. That's the difference between an online business with offline businesses. So we are making money instead of making money.

 In doing anything, including science Make Money Online need to run it. Like a wise man said without science is going astray. So when you hear about internet business (with a series of terms such as work at home, etc.), then do not be tempted and menghayal beyond. If the limit beyond dreaming too high or even later can fall and not wake up again. That said, you need knowledge to be able to print mermiliki purse money on the internet. With that knowledge, then you have a strategy for immediate and powerful moment in the wrestling business online. So the key to making money on the internet are:


Yes. Only by studying people who are expected to achieve. To learn quite a lot of business online media on the internet. One of the best teachers we are om google. Google is our biggest dictionary to learn the online business. Please open in the search field enter the last sentence (commonly known as a keyword or keyword) such as online business learning. It will show a series of web search results with a recommended list of online business. Just click Sakah one that best fits you. But do not forget to continue to be selective and be careful because a lot of things on the internet but it seems good or bad rubbish.

In addition, you learn from bloggers who have the experience to start working with make money online. On the internet (either from Indonesia or abroad) are widely scattered bloggers who have successfully run a business online. Including you can learn to master our blog, mas .... owners. Although it includes a blogger who specializes in blog tutorial, but I see a list of web affiliates and also we should make the "gurus" to learn to make money online. Setujuuuuuu?? Others, can be found also in the google search engine with keywords online business learning, learning to make money on the internet, or make money online.

Ask Not Ashamed

 Since we are studying it is one of the tips do not be shy to ask. "Embarrassed to ask astray on the road", so the saying goes khan? Asked half of it is science. Can ask the bloggers who have been ups and downs of online business. Can be via email or blog. Every online business has a majority of the specific personal blog to discuss important things with regard to the make money online. On their blog that we can interact in a way to ask them the things we do not understand.

Okay that's it buddy may be useful.

Basic Tips to Start a Business Online

Basic Tips to Start a Business Online
How do I run "make money online with good and true?" Soon you will know the answer. Just so you know, build an online business is tantamount to building a house. Try it, if your home is dirty, messy, not durable bangunanya visiting guests may not stay long in your house (So, not get a blessing ..). Same thing with the online business, if the foundation of your online business alone is a mess, which you may be able to get income.

Now, therefore, I will discuss the challenge basic tips for building an online business online business you can be successful, powerful, and strong will.

What are the basic tips?

1. Traffic, Pagerank, it's mandatory!

Before developing an online business, increase your web traffic and page rank first. Do not think about others, you must focus, focus, and focus on the traffic first. After a high-traffic blog then you run a serious online business.

2. You have to be creative!

Why be creative? That's easy, just look at the blog-o (this blog). He was good at designing blog templates. And sell your own templates with a fairly decent cheap but quite lucrative as well. Or see, most magic tool that they sell, are their own creations. I think you already know what I mean, essentially create your own products and sell these products on your website or blog.

3. Be Affiliate!

What are the advantages to be an affiliate? hmm ... maybe you do not already know the benefits of becoming an affiliate. By becoming an affiliate, you will gain a huge advantage. Try to list at, by becoming an affiliate you will earn commissions of up to 85% per sale! Imagine if you manage to sell products worth $ 500 how much commission do you get? count yourself ya ..

4. Do not be shy to ask!

If you have a problem in the activities of the make money online, try to ask the master which has been successful. Will remember the saying "Shame to ask astray on the road?".

5. Learning through E-book!

The best medium to learn online business is by learning through an e-book. So, how do I get the Ebook online business? There are two ways to mendapatkanya. First, you must have money for buy ebook, second, you do not need to have money. Choose which one? haha .. definitely choose the latter right? For those who want to pake the second way, please visit the blog writer to get dozens of free online ebook business.

Should Complain about your blog?

Not a problem if you complain about the blog as long as it is reasonably strong. If you are one who likes to complain about blog owned, continue to defend it. You may wonder why the complaint should maintain, as most likely to get a better chance than what has been obtained at this time. Still not believing? Here I give a few references that you can use in improving the quality of your blog.

Apparently Long Grass Greener Neighbors

Some people have a predilection to analyze what they are supposed to have and then disseminate to others. For example, compare the number of visitors, readers, and even blog income at the same position (it has a theme, topic, and target the same market). But if you're not happy with the blog that has been held, try to find another idea to make it more specific. There are many ideas that can be removed and readers need your expertise. And if you do not want to move or make the transition, inevitably you have to accept it. By constantly complaining about your blog on a variety of shortcomings, would eventually be forced to make changes in any way. With any luck, a good opportunity waiting for your blog.

Hoping to Get Blog Dream

Some people do and create a blog with SEO topics they do not really want it, when in fact they want a blog with the theme of media (or such interest). Find out your true capability, rather than go with the flow and the current trend. Understand a little about SEO, but had dared to related blogs. Though I'm sure all the tips and tricks that earned just a copy paste without permission from the owner of the blog. Are you not ashamed of the lie of the given?

 At least I know about SEO, but I prefer the strip blog about marketing because it basically has to undergo and experience. With habits and routines that we do will be easier to create a topic without having to see the results of others first. Do not be afraid that your blog will not selaris SEO, not all surfers looking for information about SEO. Focus on one point, that is your talent! Rest assured that you will form a community of its own through the blog.

What do You Want

There is a sentence that says "do as you like and the money will come". Try to do it, maybe your luck is on the side. Despite already having a blog that suits your interests, you should never throw away and find another opportunity to shape a better blog with a developing interest in it. An interest may have some sub-talents that you can use as possible. But do not immediately leave the blog that you start, find out the weaknesses and strengths to compare the new idea.

Whatever you want to do, in fact many opportunities to achieve it. Many people are affected and complain about the difficulty of getting the idea. Do not be burdened with this in mind, look for gaps and opportunities continue to exist. If you are an expert in a field, they would have received with joy.

How to be the best and not just complain about your work? Much work and little to complain! Increase continued expertise, help other colleagues who need your support. Bloggers are not satisfied with his work will differ with the blogger who appreciates and loves her work. And if you still continue to complain, try complaining to the good of everyone. Because they have such a big secret in developing your talents.

Being a secret article in the Top 10 Traffic News

In a previous article entitled "Effective Traffic Increase Traffic News Visitor", I try to share a How To Increase Blog Visitors. There is mentioned that the title of my article "Leave" to the Cross-News has a high Pageviews. In addition, the article also got a "splash" keyword strong machined especially Google and Yahoo search. That is, the growing number of visitors I have.

Some Tips For Being a Top 10 News Articles in the Cross are:

1. Make your original news content. This means that the news we want to make, based off of Secondary Data. The data that we can be of some primary data base and the fact that strong and reliable.

Avoid to copy out all the articles which became a Top Articles there. Sadurlah few sentences stating the source. If this is not done, the results must be useless! Traffic would be "Lost" with the maker of the first article. While Keyword in the search engine would be far behind.

2. Create an Article Title That is interesting. The reader will immediately click on all that smells of "Curious" in the New News pages at Cross Crossing News. Effective use of words such as towing word reader, such as: "Bussyeet!", "This is ..", "Hot news ..", "New Facts 6 ..", etc.. Examples of this news: Here's Youngest Mother inword, Four People Who Similar to President, Names Football World Cup, and so on.

3. The News Served Up To Date. This means that it contains news that is being adapted to hot at the moment. For example: Who Substitute Mbah Maridjan? , List of Other Potentially Volcano erupts, 6 Impacts Due to eruption of Merapi, etc..

4. Note On Post Title Keyword. Before you post, please type the first keyword of the title of the article to a friend who would Submit News Cross. See 20 leading sites there, is there any news of them came from the Cross? If there is, mending mate intention to post it. If not, please "Title Shoot" is dijudul post buddy. If I could summarize all that people search for keywords. For example: "Establishments CPNS Info On The Official Site of the City Government Jakarta.Go.Id Year 2010". This title is a combination of all the keywords on CPNS Info Jakarta 2010, check it sob!

5. Note On Your Competitors Website Pagerank Keyword Title Post. If the keywords do want to post my friend, number one to ten, is under Traffic News Pagerank ie = 4, then just go ahead (Tripe Man!). Posting immediately. In this way, and above is intended to be, my friend got two advantages of an article my friend. First, get Abundant Traffic From Traffic News and Getting Top 10 Ranking Google Search.

In addition to their good position in the Traffic and Google SE, Tips For Being a Top articles in News Cross can help my friend in the following Blogger Contest. Such as: The SEO Contest Titled "Free Advertise For Getting Started Starting a Business Online". Many benefit from this SEO Contest. In addition to friends and familiarity, this SEO Contest can add to our knowledge in the optimization of the article or blog so much better (Campaign Blog).

Snail House Origins

Once upon a time, the snails did not bring her anywhere ... First time snails living in an abandoned bird's nest the parent birds in the trees.

The night was warm and the day was cool because the leaves of the trees blocking the sunlight that falls right into the den where the snails live. But when the rain comes, the leaves can no longer block the rain falling, .. snails exposed to wet and freezing rain.

Then the snails moved into the hole in the tree trunk, if the day is hot, the snails are well protected, even if it rains, the snails will not get wet and cold. Looks like I found a home that fits me, muttered snails in the liver.

But on a sunny day, come woodpeckers,, .. tok tok ... tok ... continue woodpecker pecking a tree trunk where the cochlea, the snail became disturbed and could not sleep,

With a heart upset, slug down from the tree hole and looking for a place to stay next. Snails found a hole in the ground, it looks warm when the night comes, thought snails. Snail cleaning the hole and decided to stay in it, but when night came, the rats came to dig from all directions damaging the cochlea. What can I say, snails leave the hole to find a new home ....

Snail continues until the beach is full of rocks. Sidelines of the rock can be my house!!! snails cheered, I could take refuge from the hot sun and rain, there will be no woodpecker would peck this rock, and the rats will not be able to dig a hole through the stone.

Slugs also can rest in peace, but when high tides and rising up to the rocks, snails come swept along by the waves. Once again snails should go find a new home. When walking the shore, snail found an empty shell, beautiful shape and very light ....

Weary and cold, snails into shells that feel warm and comfortable and sleep curled up in it.

When morning came, he realized he had found a home Snail is best for him. The shell is perfect for him. I do not need to hurry home if it rains, I will not be hot anymore, no one will bother me, .... I will take this home with me wherever I go.

Psychology Toddlers

Having a toddler who is still in its infancy makes you as a parent have to work extra hard to care for them. Compliance with nutrition has clearly become one of the most important thing. Another thing that is also important to notice developmental psychology toddlers.

1. Noticing the importance of Physical and Psychic Development Toddler

You may think that toddlers do not understand much about emotion. All he knows just cry, smile and laugh. In fact, if you know, the third expression is the foundation of the creation of more complex emotions. It does not appear in the early days of growth. But, you'll see after your toddler adult.

Educate and teach children about different emotions is one thing that becomes your duty. In contrast to teaching a science, not emotion taught through theory, but practice and your attitude is a better learning materials for children.

You seemed to feel that toddlers can not encapsulate anything about what was happening around him. So, talking loud, rude, and heightened emotions considered would not affect mental state. If the presumption like that, you're wrong. In his residence, in his eyes a plain, children can feel what is happening around him.

Have you ever, when accidentally yell, then suddenly your toddler cry? It is little sign that your toddler to feel what was felt. He felt no emotion in you that does not directly make him uncomfortable and insecure.

When you are constantly paid great attention to the development of the physical, you should also give equal attention to the development of the psyche. Either way, two things must be balanced equally. Physical and psychological are two important factors in the growth of your children.

Do not underestimate one or the other. Then menomerduakan, and think it is not so important. You certainly do not want to not see the child grow up physically but unbalanced psyche? It is important to notice is the second important element in the growth of the child in question.

Every child is doomed to a package, each different from the other children. They have a stock of physical and emotional or psychological different. It was explained that the physical and psychological attention to a child is important. When you ensure that the body grow well and healthy, the child will have a greater opportunity to have a psychological state that is also strong.

It's the other way around. Children with less physical development, nutrition is not so considered, his health because your negligence as parents, will experience greater disruption in the development of the psyche. Two of these needs will eventually be mutually supportive and complementary.

The phrase is certainly not foreign to you. That in a healthy body and spirit are strong and healthy and strong as well. Relation is when the body gets nutrition well, then he and process nutrients are processed into a substance essential, vital substances such some have a duty to "build up" mood, psychiatric or psychological.

Ever felt like eating chocolate when sad heart center? Or after eating chocolate sudden mood you are sadly turned out to be more cheerful? As it is roughly the picture of the link between diet, nutrition and personality. In this case the personality of a toddler.

2. Future Toddlers and Adolescence

You may be confused. What was the same? Clearly they are different things. When viewed in terms of psychology, both time periods in human life is similar. While not exactly the same. Two time periods in human life is the phase when the feel like to be something bigger.

That is, when a child is in this phase, the more likely they are to try to look up pretty big compared to the other phases. For example, when your child is a toddler, and will move into the kids, it has a tendency to be more like a big fast. He did not want to be treated like a toddler. In fact, he was a toddler.

It is the same when a man stepped adolescent phase. He wanted to get up, but the age and psychology, they are still teenagers. During this time period can be regarded as a quite tough. As a parent, you are required to be able to react properly. if not, it is not impossible it will create a distance between you and your children.

During this time, the children seemed to want freedom. Free of any treatment is to protect but to restrain, and are free from many regulations that should not be done by them. Their curiosity to something new, the greater is also the reason why children's attitudes like iyu.

3. Understand Phase Toddler Developmental Psychology

It is hard to guess what was in the mind of a toddler. Trying to guess just by translating voice crying, not everyone can do it. Moreover, if the baby is your first child and spouse. Hassles translate voice crying will make you panic.

Development of child psychology has been happening since she was born. When first born, and for some time after birth, the baby can not feel fear. Which can be felt only three, that is sad, angry, and happy. But it was not until the age of 6 weeks, the baby is looking expression can be happy with a smile.

Evolving psychological state of the age when babies 8 to 10 months. Emotional or psychological progression that occurs in infants counted fairly extreme and fast. From initially just to smile, the baby started to feel frightened, infants also show a sense of comfort to people nearby, and was worried when away from loved ones.

You must have experienced this. When holding a friend's baby, and the baby crying when you remove it from a friend's arms. It is a reaction to anxiety owned a baby when kept away from people who are considered close to him.

Even so, he does not have the ability to weigh the needs they have. He also could not think of the interests of others. Thus, the nature of their egoism still more prominent.

Sensitivity to the environment around the newly formed during the age of 2 years. At this age, toddlers begin to develop psychology better. A process of thought had happened to them. Although not rare, the result of the thought process that they do not logically be considered for adults.

They conclude for themselves what is happening around. For example, with regard to the car breaking down. They will confidently say the results of their thinking that the car was not able to walk due to being sick. Then, if something is hurting. For example, when he hit the door. They will confidently hit the door and said that the door was naughty.

A thought process is certainly not far-fetched and increasingly make them more adorable. This period will end when he stepped on the number 5 years. At this age, they still tend to be selfish large. However, over time, and attention from you, the good qualities the other kids will grow by itself.

Understanding the psychology of a toddler is very important to be how it should be for a toddler. Because toddlers addressing the wrong way, it will upset him and often will make you hate. So, as a parent, you should learn a lot.

Starting A Business On The Internet

Whether you need a website to start a business on the internet? Yes. I seriously want to say that you really need a website of your own if you plan to do business online.

Perhaps you've heard or read their success stories on the internet make money by promoting other people's products without a website. If you might want to try it, forget it, especially if you have to buy your products or services. What they promise to you is not likely to be achieved, even more so if you are new berjinak-tame with opportunities to make money on the internet.

It is actually all you have to do is have a website or blog to start making money online. You could probably start with a free website or blog but like I stated that your business will grow faster if you use a website with its own domain name and hosting. Today there are many local companies that provide services for domain name and web hosting . The price is affordable and you do not need to worry to use a credit card because you can bank in money to these local companies.

Without your own website, you will be dealing with the following online

1. Building a list / client list.
2. Selling affiliate products. (The client would consider to be your own product)
3. Selling a product / service of your own.
4. Sending your own product. (Especially digital products)
5. Makes you as an expert.
6. Build customer confidence.

With the existence of a website yourself, you can make money from a variety of sources in addition to selling your own products. Of which is to sell advertising space, advertising other people's products, advertising giants like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Clickbank, Ebay and more.


Illustration IVF

Vivi can only be sad and pensive as he followed events involving family, such as a reunion or family gathering in his office. At that must always be asked "How his mother?", "Her first child is what class?, Or" Why, son of his daughter was not invited beard? '. Questions such as strikes his solar plexus.

Why? Because despite twenty years of marriage she has not been blessed with any children seaorang. Moreover, age is now no longer young, at 41 years old. Hope to have children become increasingly disappear because the doctor who examined him concluded that the channel has been broken eggs. Some of his friends suggested Vivi to do IVF. But he himself was still in doubt, as he did not really know about IVF that.

IVF can be an alternative for those who do not yet have children. Although many IVF poured controversy, especially in terms of religion, nonetheless IVF seems to be an oasis. If you want to have a baby, you should know in advance what factors affect the success of IVF.

Understanding Vitro

Is it IVF? What is the relationship between "baby" and "tube"? which certainly did IVF babies savings, because the cost is very large. From penyebutannya alone distinguish the actions of other medical, IVF using the word "program" instead of surgery, such as bladder surgery, kidney surgery, and so on. Thus, IVF is a program that is given to the patient's mother to enter the egg cell with male cells outside the body (in vitro fertilization-IVF) using reproductive engineering techniques.

In vitro is Latin for meaning in a cup or glass tube while fertilization means fertilization. So it is true that the process of fertilization the egg with sperm outside the body occurs or IVF, which is popular with IVF. IVF starts by taking eggs from the prospective mother who already ovulate, using a special tool. Then the egg was fertilized with sperm taken in a liquid medium in the tube, which had been prepared in advance.

Medium where IVF is made in such a way that resembles foster mothers. Medium in terms of temperature, humidity, air pressure, lighting and so made as the original womb. The next step the egg and sperm as the candidate for IVF if successful will become the embryo, aka prospective baby. The embryo was then inserted into the uterus in order to grow into a test tube baby. Thus, the process of making test-tube babies remain in the mother's womb, not in a tube like the perception of many people over the years.
Factors Affecting IVF Success

With IVF is not necessarily a guarantee will have a baby is expected, because the chances of success ranges from 10-45% is determined by many factors, among them, the age of the mother, the quality of the egg, physical and mental condition of the mother, the facility and medical technologies are used, the ability of doctors and teams who handle it, the condition of the mother's womb organ, the degree of disorder, and others.

The following explanation details:

Age Mom

Age plays an important role in the success of IVF is. When you see the success rate of IVF by age of the mother, the results will vary. As the data obtained at Children's Hospital Bunda (RSAB) Harapan Kita Jakarta below:

not all women access to IVF is certainly successful. It may be that the failure was due to the quality of the mother's egg cell which does not allow such a dry, infected, super sensitive. When the egg cell with quality like that when it is fertilized by a sperm cell into an embryo likely the tube baby is very small, even if the embryos had occurred usually did not last long as it will soon miscarriage.
Ability doctor and team Handle

Besides fakor age, the success rate of IVF is heavily influenced by technical problems in the field. There are crucial points during the IVF program, and not all doctors understand this, including:
Avoid the occurrence of bleeding and infection at the egg retrieval in IVF. This can happen because the egg retrieval using a syringe can be about bladder, blood vessels, and intestines. To reduce the risk of these conditions, your use ultrasound in order to obtain results more accurate IVF.

Avoid excessive stimulus ovaries. Stimulus ovary is actually good because for the egg retrieval easier, but if there will be a buildup of excess fluid in the abdominal cavity, causing bloating, nausea, appetite loss and vomiting. The solution is to do regular monitoring during IVF stimulation lasted, in order observed early on.

Avoid taking IVF embryos to excess when they want to be transferred into the uterus. This is to avoid the occurrence of multiple pregnancies, especially for mothers who are aged over 35 years.

When the embryo is formed, there is a risk of miscarriage both in the womb and that occurs outside the womb. Therefore, continuous monitoring while undergoing IVF while maintaining the health of the mother is a necessity.

Physical and Mental Mother

IVF success is not only based on external factors, but more important is the internal factor, namely physical and mental condition of the mother. Danekspektasi unstable mental condition that is too high can be bad for the mother who is undergoing IVF. Provide motivation and attention to strengthen the mother both physically and psychologically. Because it poses lived during IVF many draining, mind and costs.

IVF is much dijadkan choice for a husband and wife who do not also have a child despite long-married like Vivi story above. But before you decide to follow this IVF should learn first the opportunities, risks, preparation and cost. The cost could reach twenty to thirty million and weighs preparation before undergoing IVF is made that not all couples who signed up for this program immediately approved by the hospital.

IVF procedures each pair must pass through a number of selection such as interviews, medical tests, analysis of a team of doctors, and the decision will be taken by a joint meeting of the medical team who will handle this IVF. This is done so that the patient can understand and accept all the risks that will occur during the IVF process takes place. Besides, it is also useful to simplify and increase the mental readiness of couples to the success of IVF.

Understanding Immunization

To maintain the immune system, immunization of toddlers often do. Understanding immunization is an attempt to make the body more resistant to the disease. How? That is, with the inclusion of fluid into the body to be free of disease outbreaks that will interfere with your health or free from infectious diseases.

1. Understanding Immunization - Immunization for Various Diseases

Immunizations are manifold, good for chicken pox, measles, polio, tetanus, and so forth. One type of immunization course only serve to goad one disease. To keep away from other diseases, it is necessary immunizations different. Immunization is more focused on the kids. Why is that? Because, basically, a child more susceptible to the disease because their immune unstable. Unlike the case with adults, they are much better immunity than children.

Immunization Understanding the immune system, because it comes from the word meaning Immune "alias resistant immune". Understanding immunization is closely related to the eradication of a disease, to reduce the disease is endemic in the human body. The growth of children is certainly more risk for a disease, especially infectious diseases.

If you're a kid who likes to play with friends his age who was hit by the illness, for example, parents often missed in monitoring their children to be more careful when his friend was sick. Immunization against diseases that can be deadly.

Immunizations are categorized into two kinds, namely active immunization and passive immunization. Ie at immunologically active immunization should be obtained from the administration of germs are easily defeated by a weak immune system to form antibodies to common disease, both the weak and the strong.

There are also passive immunization, in which the form of innate immunity from the mother to the disease and are immunologically active immunization should be obtained from the awarding weak germs that easily defeated by the body's immune usual. It was to form antibodies against the same disease both the weak and the strong.

Immunization works by weakening the bacteria or virus that causes a disease. Gift made by injection or by being swallowed (drunk). When the germs that lurk body, then the body will fight sigapnya because vaccinations have been provided during the process of immunization. Resistance was held, so the disease is reluctant to descend in the body. Immunization did not really apply only to children, but adults also need to be immunized, especially for the elderly.

Old age is no less vulnerable to the disease. Holding immunization at this age in order to reduce the significant mortality due to attack of a disease. Immunization can be done in the health center, treatment center, or doctor's practice more. Every soul is certainly entitled to do for the safety of his immunizations. The government is also intensifying immunization program for the safety of every citizen. Immunization ibratnya future investments to meet living safely from certain diseases.

Just imagine, if your baby free from disease. He will grow into a child who is cheerful, healthy, playing with friends, and more active than those who staked out the disease. The mortality rate among children under five should not be underestimated.

Understanding immunization should open your eyes the importance of health. World Health Organization WHO (World Health Organization) also noted that the latest data they record, amounting to 1.4 million children under five die every year. And these deaths could have been prevented because of them motivated by the tetanus 198 000 (14%), measles 540 000 (38%), and whooping cough 294 000 (20%) that would be prevented by immunization.

UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) or the relevant United Nations organs children also noted that around 30000-40000 Indonesian children die each year from measles viruses and measles is one of prevention is by immunization. Although immunization can be done in some places, but not all islands in Indonesia untouched by regular immunization. For regions such as Papua, the island is not so easy to reach immunization due to a challenging geography. This means that the immunization program is not so evenly.

Immunizations are one of the most famous of measles immunization. This one is an infectious disease characterized by symptoms of cough, fever, rash and skin surface. The skin will look very different from those of normal, with the appearance of red spots that usually affects children, such as the time of Schools Association.

Equally important for the routine immunization diperhataikan itself. Immunization schedule categorized according the age group most vulnerable to contracting these diseases. Not a few people who understand the meaning of immunization, but sometimes lack discipline pencegehan disease in this way. The parents were sometimes frightened by new vaccines immunization feared bring risks. However, should the risk of diseases that attack was not to be ignored, so you can not underestimate immunization.

For those who have recently suffered immunization usually experience stiffness in the body and a slight fever. But not to worry, it's only temporary and certainly harmless compared with no immunization that can lead to death. Fever occurs when the body's own immune middle form. Understanding immunization should indeed be aware that no deviation perception.

Other diseases that can be combated with the Tetanus immunization. Is tetanus dangerous? Of course, since this disease affects the muscles and the nervous system. Symptoms of tetanus began when the muscle spasms in the neck, shoulder or back, jaw muscle spasms (trismus or lockjaw), and the swelling and pain. Convulsions it propagates immediately to the abdominal muscles, thighs, and upper arms.

Newborns typically at risk for getting the disease this one. It's called the tetanus toxoid immunization. Immunization is valid for those over the age of seven years. Immunization schedule appropriate age level. Every country must have a different immunization schedules. Immunization was regarded as one of the best ways to save your child from many diseases.

What is wrong if you were to introduce understanding of immunization and a myriad of benefits to the child. That way, you do not have to chase him if he was afraid of needles because slowly the child will understand the importance of this one activity. Immunization was regarded as one of the prevention of the moral and material losses. You must understand the purpose of this one. Just imagine if the disease is not driven by immunization. Hopefully, 100% untouched regions in Indonesia immunization program, and to understand exactly what it merits.

2. Introduce the Need for Understanding of Immunization

To introduce the notion of immunization was what hurt if done seminars or counseling that can educate the public about the dangers of ignoring the immunization. Coordination with the government were very important to the realization of Indonesia's healthy and reduce mortality.

Regional countries in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, are incorporated in the WHO member states have also agreed that in the year 2012 was designated as the Intensification of Routine Immunization (IRI) or the Year of Intensification of Routine Immunization. It is also accompanied by a GAIN or National Immunization Acceleration Movement formed to increase the coverage and equity of immunization services to all villages in Indonesia.

Every society, kuhusnya mothers who have children under five should be able to understand the sense of this immunization. Hopefully, every citizen also feel the benefit of immunization, so that they can live in peace without surveillance deaths from some diseases. Quite often the mothers had forgotten the child immunization schedule. Try circle your calendar or reminder is made, before eventually regret for negligent harm the baby.

5 Most Beautiful Beaches in Indonesia

1. Senggigi Beach, Lombok

Senggigi Beach is a famous tourist spot in Lombok. It is located on the west coast of the island of Lombok. Senggigi Beach is not at Kuta Beach in Bali, but once we were here will feel like staying in Kuta Beach, Bali. Coastal beaches are still beautiful, even if there are still strewn garbage foliage because rarely cleaned. Very beautiful underwater scenery, and tourists can do as much snorkeling as the waves are not too big. Ketengah towering coral reefs cause large waves broke in the middle. There are also hotels with varying prices, from expensive to economically valuable hotel.

2. Kuta Beach, Bali

Kuta Beach is a tourist place located south of Denpasar, capital of Bali, Indonesia. Kuta is located in Badung. This area is a tourist destination abroad, and has become a mainstay tourist island of Bali since the early 70's. Kuta Beach is often referred to as sunset beach (sunset beach) as opposed to the Sanur beach.
In Kuta there are many shops, restaurants and places baths and drying herself. Besides the beauty of the beach, Kuta beach also offers various types of entertainment such as bars and restaurants along the beach to Legian beach. Rosovivo, Ocean Beach Club, Kamasutra, are some of the most crowded clubs along the beach of Kuta.

This beach also has a pretty good waves for surfing sports (surfing), especially for novice surfers. Golf I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport is located not far from Kuta.

3.Pantai Beautiful Pangandaran

Beautiful Pangandaran Beach is a beach located on the southern coast and in AsiaRooms is the best beach on the island of Java, is a tourist attraction on the coast of West Java. This beach is located in the village Pananjung, Pangandaran district with a distance of ± 92 km south of the town of Ciamis. Some feature of this beach include:

* To see the sunrise and sunsets from the same place
* Sloping beaches with clear water and the distance between the ups and downs are relatively long to allow us to swim safely
* There is a beach with white sand
* There are rescue teams coastal tourism
* The road is paved smooth environment with adequate street lighting
* There is a marine park with fish and fascinating marine life.
* The landing of the Japanese army during World War II, therefore there still are some caves the Japanese army's defense used to be hideouts Japanese soldiers who intend to attack the Dutch army.

4. Parai Beach mackerel, Pacific Islands

Mackerel Parai Beach is located in the coastal area of Matras, Sungailiat, Pacific Islands. This beach is often used as a tourist attraction and is famous for its granite rocks of various sizes. Facilities available include hotels, outbound as well as water sports games.

5. Parangtritis, Yogyakarta

Parangtritis, where tourism is a form of the coast of the Indian Ocean, located approximately 25 kilometers south of the city Yogyakarta.Parangtritis is a well-known attraction in Yogyakarta in addition to other objects such as Samas beach, Baron, Kukup Krakal and Glagah Beach. Parangtritis has a unique landscape that is not found in other attractions besides the big waves are also the mountain - tinngi dunes around the beach, mountains of sand called dunes. This attraction has been managed by the government Bantul pretty well, ranging from lodging facilities and markets selling souvenirs Parangtritis. In addition there are baths called machetes allegedly wedang water baths can cure various diseases including skin diseases, water from the baths containing sulfur that comes from the mountains in the area. Another location is the beach Kusumo machetes on the beach where there is a place for a meeting between the king said to the queen jogjakarta southern ocean. On certain days (usually months suro) here made offerings offerings (Labuan) to Queen of South Sea or in the Java language called Rara Nyai South. Locals believe that a person may not use green colored clothes when they're on the beach. Parangtritis become a major tourist visits, especially on New Year's Eve Java (1 sacred / Suro). In Parangtritis there are also horse-drawn carriage or a horse that can be rented for up the coast from east to west.

Tricks powerful approach

Often rejected? Or fail only fitting pedekete? Do not give up just yet. In principle there are only 3 "N". Well, the "N" first is: intent. Then "N" second: ngedeketin. If it deket, go deh to the "N" Third: shoot. Experience, if rejected? Use the principle of "N" Fourth: ngaca!! (Shit!)

As usual, the girl's that weve mysterious creature. Is really hard to guess what he wants. Waffle that comes out of their mouths sometimes not ngegambarin mood.

No need to wonder. Different way of thinking the same girl weve those of us with the boys. Classic expression says: the girl from the planet Venus, men from Mars. "Heart language" of the other.

Well, hard dong? Not really. The important thing is if we've convinced ama "N" First, we can continue to go to the "N" second. "N" is the second nggaknya will determine the success or the "N" third.
Well, that strategy "N" both smooth, it helps us know first the type of girl who would we invite "war. For example, how ngedeketin clearly different girls home with a girl hanging. Likewise, if we want ngedeketin romantic girl with cool girls.

Each type of girl a common habit. Well, that's habits so that we can use during pedekate entrance. Pedekate good will not make us flew to the "N" fourth. Further!


From the name aja already clear ngendon happy girl this type of home. Home for them is the most comfortable place in the world. Watch TV, listen to tapes, CDs, or radio is enough to make them calm.
Leyeh-leyeh in bed or sitting on the porch while reading books and magazines so the main menu. But that does not mean they are not happy hanging out. Just for girls home, there's no place as comfortable as home.
Well, then what, then the trick to be able to make a model girl klepek gini-klepek gubrak?

Easy, we have:

1. Diligent play to his house. Although he lived at the end of the world, we must tetep behind Stand come. Relain our time hanging out deh reduced. The important thing is the purpose and objectives are achieved.
2. If he likes to watch movies, the latest DVD collection aja can bring us. If not it cool edges can watch together at home.
3. Deketin father-nyokapnya. Girl's home so usually the favorite. If successful the hearts of parents we take, the children surely follow.
4. He was again ill fitting, we had to rush to see him. All can bring fruits or any item that could comfort her. This trick will surely bring success in the future.


This type of reverse chick chick home. For him, the only haven doang. The whole time is up for hanging out. Hang out with my friends, hanging out at the mall, or busy to clubs and hanging out other places. Certainly difficult to meet if requested.
Well, girls like this model must dideketin different ways, such as:

1. Diligent ngikutin activities to places slang. Guaranteed long he'll stick just as we are. Most not wherever he goes, we should have kept at his side.
2. Take him to the latest slang. Definitely will be very happy deh.
3. Always look stylish. Girls hanging out the most concern about the style. No need strange, just being up to date. It is important that we not embarrassing him if invited to places slang.
4. Love the items can be using for hanging. No need of expensive. Accessories small assortment of bracelets can dijadiin gift.


Easy ketebak what he wants ya girl. All things that smell can certainly make him romantic flowery. Girl hanging, home, or other type there must be a romantic type also. A definite common thread is: romantic things smell a thing he likes best. So we have:

1. Do not prestige with romantic things. So romantic does not mean people are not macho. Create a girl could be otherwise!
2. Ready to be a good listener if he vent.
3. Love interest if there is a special day for him. Weve still sounded not fun, but things like this so much it would mean for a romantic girl.
4. Invites go to places that ngedukung romantic atmosphere. Malem alfresco dining, picnics in the park, or a walk together, it could be an alternative.
5. Do not be ashamed to say the word love him. Anyway the flexible learning so fitting way deh. Can not? Come on, we certainly can.
6. Same attention detail. For example, we have to remember his birthday. Or, ngasi things he most needed. But remember do not force. If he needs a new car during our forced beliin?


Well, the model is complicated ya rada. Girls squirt aka not clearly do not like to hang out everywhere. Usually less confident because of the same himself. Invited to the mall lazy, unwilling invited slang. Rada rada-like with a girl home. The difference tuh-style girl actually gets along, just more promiscuous activity in the home rather than outside. While girls squirt ngendon at home because it did not have a choice.
So what, then the trick that this model can digebet girl?
1. Take him out for Seeing the "world". By doing so, he may feel if we open up a new experience for him tuh.
2. If the magazine can bring play to his latest girl let her mind is more open.
3. Encourage him to be more confident that got big. This is definitely going to be worth it for him. The effect he would feel as we become the most important person for him.
4. Same kenalin our friend's apartment. That way he does not feel as if we are ashamed to be his friends.


They say the most difficult player girl held her tail (cat time!). But there benernya. Girls player tuh pedenya exorbitant. Model girl feel superior and do not need a guy. Though still actually just wrote like other girls. It could even be a girl player's that have the desire diperhatiin more. So they ngelampiasinnya with often mutually guy. Once they dapet people are considered "equal", guaranteed deh not going to run again. But, is not easy to make this model chick melting. It took a lot of tricks, such as:

1. Mute ego as if dealing with her guy. Principle opposed to the fire station must be thrown away. Precisely extinguished the fire can be fought water. Well, we deh water. Adem wrote together doi luggage.
2. Should be more mysterious. Girl's love a challenge tuh player. So we use a push-pull tricks or benign-benign Marpaung, uh, pigeons, doi definitely more curious. Do snapping us all in front of them. Pyrite little bit.
3. Learning to be the most cool chat friend in the world for him.
4. Do not like ge-er if dikasi attention. Relaxed ONLY! The model of its kind gini girl like stocking charm. So naturally aja kalo like ngasi more attention.

GIRLS cool

Tuh cool girl was really cool. It sounded curt and not friendly. Ngadepin girl like this should face tebel. The spirit must also big. Because if we are not strong intent, Seeing the look of coldness wrote already lazy. Though not necessarily look cool as well as those that they love clay. You may have reversed kecuekannya, actually they are sensitive abis.

Dong continues to do so how can make this model a girl could fall into our hands? There ya:
1. Hantem continue to jack! Fortress girls like this usually tebel abis tuh. But the fort's name if "attacked" continued long after all broken as well.
2. Do pecicilan in front of his face. Cool girl tuh most resentful Seeing a guy ketimpringan not orderly. Just play it cool bro!
3. Find a hobby and Kulik abis. It is important that our efforts ngedeketin doi became more smoothly.
4. Do not attach the face "hostility" if we diketusin. Doi Keketusan usually a weapon for ngusir. If we can ngelawan, his long-time doi tired too. But remember, there are also time limits. If kebangetan, diterusin doing well.
5. Deketin friend's apartment. Scrape out as much. If dapet valuable info, use it as a "weapon" for making doi "give up".
6. Do not be ignorant bandwagon. Instead we should be more considerate.

Elementary students with teacher

Anto who seated bench SD were asked Mrs. Fanny, teacher

Mrs. Fanny: Anto, 5 duck foraging disawah again. If shot hunter,

hit a living what?

After thinking for a moment, the Anto replied "no rest Ga bu"

Mrs. Fanny asked "why ga is the rest?"

The Anto replied "another fly all in shock '

Mrs. Fanny smiled wisely and said "well, they're not the answer. but I like the way

think you "

The Anto did not want to lose "May I ask bu a teacher?"

Mrs. Fanny "should"

The Anto "there were three women eating ice cream, one dikunyah2 therefore, that one and the last digigit2 dijilat2. question where a married woman? "

Without thinking Miss Fanny answered "no doubt that menjilat2 eskrimnya"

The Anto senyum2 and said "actually married who uses a wedding ring bu ....... but I like the way mothers think "

Dangerous Diseases Due to Lack of Vitamin D

Jakarta, lack of sun exposure known to be associated with various diseases, from the common cold, heart disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and cancer. Several studies have referred to a substance contained in the important exposure to sunlight, which is vitamin D. Deficiency of vitamin D appeared to result in serious consequences for health, especially in sub-tropical countries are just having a bit of sun exposure.

Vitamin D not only helps the body absorb calcium and is important for bone, but also plays a role in the immune system by helping to reduce inflammation. Suspected chronic inflammation can trigger heart disease and cancer. Some dangerous diseases caused by vitamin D deficiency include:

1. Diabetes

A study in 2011 found that obese children who have low levels of vitamin D were more likely to develop type 2 diabetes as adults. While in adults who have low vitamin D levels, likely to develop type 2 diabetes rose to 57 percent.

2. Cancer

A study published in the British Medical Journal showed that people in his blood contained a lot of vitamin D had a 40 percent lower risk of developing colon cancer than those who had low levels of vitamin.

3. Multiple sclerosis

The researchers also said there is a relationship between vitamin D deficiency with multiple sclerosis, an inflammation of the brain and spinal cord. Multiple sclerosis is most common in people who live far from the equator and little exposure to sunlight.

4. Rheumatoid arthritis

Vitamin D deficiency is also associated with rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. In a study conducted in January 2012, among the babies who died suddenly, at 75 per cent were found to be deficient in vitamin D.
How to get the intake of sunlight?

Sunlight provides 90 percent of the vitamin D your body needs. When the heat and ultraviolet light touches the skin, the production of vitamin D is activated. In food, the liver is the main natural source and fish oil. Eggs contain small amounts of vitamin D, as well as some foods such as cereals, fresh fruit juice and yogurt are fortified with vitamin D.

"A serving of fortified foods only provide nearly 20 percent of the daily requirement of vitamin D. It's hard to get all of their vitamin D from food alone," said Catherine Collins, a dietician at St George's Hospital, London, as reported by dailymail, Tuesday (31 / 1/012).
Many people avoid going out without wearing sunscreen and then end up with a deficiency of vitamin D. Research has found that people who were diagnosed with malignant melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer, are those with the lowest levels of vitamin D.

To meet the ideal intake of vitamin D, exposure to sunlight on a regular basis during the summer is very necessary. Duration is about 10 to 15 minutes a day without sunscreen at 11:00 to 15:00, which is when the sun is hot-hot.

"Almost everyone in the country is deficient in vitamin D this year. We live too far north and was not sure the weather would clear enough to produce vitamin D is enough. Amount of vitamin D produced depends on how much skin terkana sun exposure. Arms and face is not enough, the arm is also necessary, "said Dr. Robert Moy, a pediatrician at Birmingham.

The body's ability to make vitamin D decreases with age. People over the age of 65 years are advised to take supplements of vitamin D 10 mcg per day. Dark-skinned people do not produce vitamin with ease. Nursing mothers and pregnant women should take vitamin D supplements to ensure mcg 10 children have healthy bones and protected from osteoporosis in later life.

Fat people should take supplements, because vitamin D can be locked into fat cells and can not be used by the body. Children aged 6 months - 5 years should take vitamin D supplements were 7 mcg every day because his bones are going through a critical stage of development. Vitamin D deficiency rickets has led to a surge of cases drastically.



Human behavior is also background by attitude. Attitude alone have less meaning as "organizational opinions, beliefs about the object or situation that is relatively steady relative who accompanied the feelings and provide a basis for the organism to make a response or behavior in some way it chooses." Or in plain language attitude is the willingness to act on the matter.

Attitudes have some understanding and definition as follows:

• Attitude is a mental predisposition to act (Kimmball Young (1945)
• Attitude is the regularity and uniqueness of a person's behavior in relation to human stimulus or specific events (Sheriff & sheriff 1956)
• Attitude is predidposisi learned to respond consistently in certain procedures with respect to a particular object (Fishbein & Ajzen 1975)
• The conclusion pengertain attitude is the tendency to act and react to the stimulus or stimuli.

Components of attitudes

Attitude is the relationship of the various components comprising:

a. Cognitive component: the component that is composed on the basis of knowledge and information about objects owned one stance or components related to the knowledge, views, beliefs or how to perceive objects
b. Affective components: evaluative components associated with pleasure and not happy
c. Conative components: the readiness of a person to behave in a manner related objects or components that are associated with predisposition to act toward the object

The characteristics of the attitude

Attitude has the following characteristics:
a. Attitudes are not innate
Means human beings are born not bring a certain attitude on an object. Therefore, the attitudes formed during the development of the individual concerned. Since formed during the development of the attitudes to change, can be formed and studied. But it has been fixed attitude.

b. Attitude is always associated with an object
Attitudes are formed due to contact with certain objects, through the perception of the object.

c. Attitudes can be fixed on one object and a set of objects
If someone has a negative attitude to one person maaka he would show a negative attitude on the person.

d. That attitude can be long or short
If the attitude is a value in one's life it will last long, but if the attitude has not been deep inside a person to change the attitude relaatif.

e. Attitude to contain feelings or motivations
Attitudes terhaadap sesuaatu will be followed by feelings, both positive and negative. Attitudes also contains the motivation or impetus to behave.