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Biography of Hillary Clinton

Biography of Hillary Clinton
Hillary Diane Rodham was born in Chicago, Illinois, October 26, 1947, age 65 years old by the name of Hillary Diane Rodham) is the junior United States senator from the state of New York, a position that began in January 3, 2001. He is married to Bill Clinton, President of the United States to-42 and the Lady of the United States for two terms (1993-2001). Previously, he was a lawyer.

Hillary Rodham was born in Chicago, Illinois, and grew up in a Methodist family in Park Ridge, Illinois. Her father, Hugh Ellsworth Rodham, a conservative, is an executive in the textile industry, and his mother, Dorothy Emma Howell Rodham, a housewife. Hillary has two brothers, Hugh and Tony. Former U.S. ambassador to Great Britain, Philip Lader, referring to a deep interest in the ancestors of Wales

Graduated from Yale Law School in 1973, she moved to Arkansas in 1974 and married Bill Clinton in 1975. He then became the first female partner at Rose Law Firm in 1979 and was twice listed as one of the 100 most influential lawyers in America. From 1979 to 1981 and 1981 to 1992 he was governor of Arkansas and a mother active in a number of organizations associated with the welfare of children and a member of the board of directors of Wal-Mart and several other corporations.

As First Lady of the United States, the Clinton health care plan which is the biggest initiative failed Congress approved in 1994. In 1997 and 1999, Clinton played in the formation program Asurasi Children's Health State (State Children's Health Insurance Program), the Act Adoption and Family Safe (Adoption and Safe Families Act), and the Act of Independence of Care Family (Foster Care Independence Act). In 1996, he was ordered to testify before a jury due Whitewater controversy. He was never charged with any or several other investigations during her husband's presidency. Conditions marriage to Bill Clinton to the attention of the public after the Lewinsky scandal in 1998.

After moving to New York, Clinton was elected as senator of New York State in 2000 to become the first former First Lady to win the general election for an office in the U.S.. In the Senate, she initially supported the George W. Bush on several foreign policy, including voting in favor of the Iraq War Resolution approving the execution of the Iraq War. He then turned against the government's actions in the Iraq War and the Bush administration opposed in almost all domestic issues. He was re-elected as a senator with a landslide victory in 2006. On January 20, 2007 he officially declared himself took part in the U.S. presidential elections in 2008. [2] In the U.S. presidential election, Clinton won more primaries and delegates than the other woman in U.S. history, but after a long campaign , Senator Barack Obama became the Democratic nominee elected in June 2008. On January 22, 2009 Hillary Clinton was sworn in as Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States.

7 Tips to Avoid Adsense Banned

7 Tips to Avoid Adsense Banned
Adsense is a PPC program was in the interest of many people. Not only in Indonesia as a promising exchange of money, but in other countries too adsense is a tremendous moneymaker. Very reasonable if the adsense to be one of the business in a business that gives a great advantage, because now Google adsense and owner of a number one search engine in the world.

Fortunately for those of you who have become one adsense publisher, for you during this struggle is not in vain, in addition to being a writer that is always on, you can also get the results from your writing that validation of Adsense clicks you have.

However, as we know that adsense has very strict rules, many of which have been banned adsense publisher for the mistakes they make. From the above, it is necessary to tell my 7 Tips to Avoid Banned Adsense I explained according to sources I've read and my experience.

Here are 7 Tips to Avoid Adsense Banned

1. Pray to God

Why is prayer to be number one so that you will not be banned adsense? This is because prayer is a request to God Almighty. Everything if God wills, who can prevent, so when we pray that we remain safe as adsense publisher, of course, with a strong belief in and efforts to keep our adsense, hopefully God always give the best for us. Therefore, do not forget to always pray and thank Him.

2. Do not Ever Click Advertising

Remind yourself to always maintain and try not to do either clicking on your own ads or advertisements of others associated with adsense. This I say because we have a adsense publisher. The logic is that you are assigned to a publisher adsense with the provisions of display ads provided by Adsense, then the ad will be viewed visitors, so if there are visitors who are interested, they will click on an ad before, this is where your income.

Well, if you were to click, of course, your desire is to earn money, not to buy products from the ads from Adsense, obviously you will be banned. This is due to loss of the advertisers, because the advertiser is charged when someone clicks from their ad did. If we were to click, click on any course in 100 we will not buy their products.

The point is that there is cooperation between the Adsense advertisers, advertisers hope that the products they sell buy people, then the sellers are looking for adsense publisher, if the publisher is now a click, would logically not wish to buy but rather to want to get money from the click, if this happens, it is natural to be banned.

3. Discipline

Discipline is what I mean here is that we are in meeting regulatory compliance adsense. Google adsense has provided information to us about the rules that we must obey, such as do not click on your own ads, do not load the content sara, parnografi, gambling and more.

The next discipline is a natural visitor who visits your blog or website, as many are doing automated visitors who come, but the visitors are coming from or backlink software that is not good. The logic is that the adsense who have given their trust to us as a publisher to get the visitor experience, meaning our blog visitors are real people not machines. Obviously if people would buy products from advertisers adsense, but if visitors machine, if the machine can purchase?

4. Doing Good

Doing good is no jealousy, envy and more. Since we can not avoid that many people are jealous and do not like seeing people who are in success. For those who do so because they do not get success, then when they see your blog or website with good traffic and then there are adsense ads, of course there is resentment or jealousy. When they do not like, they will perform a variety of ways for us to be a failure, well, .. if the blog or website, they would seek to destroy our blog, it could be a way to break into our blog, click repeatedly doing so blog we got banned because of click fraud, viruses and other insert.

Well, .. To avoid this, then look at ourselves first, if we include such a person? If so, fix it. Because the law of cause and effect, then when a person both would be good to us, but if we are evil, of course people will be nasty to us. Good people will always be happy with the success, even he would pray for him to be even better, but for people who have bad intentions, of course, is his attempt to destroy the person he hated it.

5. Sincere and sincere

Is sincere intentions and related iklas adsense banned? Logically, but in essence it is, why? Try to think back, when we post our articles with the aim of helping people, giving something useful to them, of course we have written the article properly. Is there a good article when it comes to gambling, parnografi, the element sara, intimidating people and others, while it is prohibited by state law and religious law.

When we are good intentions coupled with sincerity in providing a useful article for those who read, that reading would be like and love, obviously their prayers to us is a good prayer, and prayer can also be related to adsense that are not banned, and certainly without asked to click your ad, they will click on your adsense ads us. Maybe it comes from deliberate or inadvertent them. There could be a nice boost as well as the return of the sincere and heartfelt intention of us when we give something useful for them.

6. Money Halal and blessings

What does it mean from a Halal money and blessing? The point is that we should think adsense lawful blessings. How to get it is to be patient and not cheating. Common practice of a publisher adsense so they are banned by linking web link or URL address, then to when a visitor to click on the URL, the address shown is not in question, but that appears is the address of the adsense ads that have been changed. There was also an undercover between URL content with adsense ad URLs, obviously the goal is to fool the visitors.

From the above we can conclude that when we commit fraud as above, if visitors know obviously they would be angry for not liking them, then we might get the money from those clicks, but if the money is halal and blessings? And we know, including criminal fraud because harm someone. Therefore, just wait. If fortune us a lot, trejeki certainly will not be far from us.

7. Maintenance Adsense well

Keep your adsense properly with supervision. Look at the things that are suspicious of the adsense account and email your adsense account. Sometimes people try to ruin your adsense, to avoid this is to exercise authority khusu blog you have, use monitoring comments to prevent comment spam, because spam comments could be one reason your account banned, nor do subsequent maintenance.

Maybe it's just tips from me, we never know the development of adsense on rules they have set on, because every year adsense continue to increase alertness in anticipation of fraud committed some adsense publisher.

Secret Songs Lingsir Wengi | Indonesia

In Indonesia who are not familiar with this song, this song instantly famous because of the myths associated with the song. first, for those who listen and sing this song, then when is the verse:

Songs in the native language (Java)

 Lingsir wengi sliramu tumeking sirno…
 Ojo tangi nggonmu guling…
 Awas jo ngetoro…
 Aku lagi bang wingo wingo…
 Jin setan kang tak utusi…
 Dadyo sebarang…
 Wojo lelayu sebet…
Meaning Song

 By evening, you will go away ...
 Do not get up from your bed ...
 Caution do not manifest themselves ...
 I'm in great anger ...
 Jinns and devils what I tell ...
 Brokered ...
 To take your life ... 

Secret Songs Lingsir Wengi | Indonesia
So they were singing and came to the temple on top, then those who sing it will be found by a scary creature by the name of Kuntilanak. when there are several stories of secret song lingsir Wengi when those who claim to encounter a terrifying creature, then this song was immediately popular in Indonesia with the typical scary song.

Then, if the right song is indeed lingsir Wengi can bring Satan be kuntilanak when when sung? therefore, we need to examine how the real secret Wengi Lingsir this song actually.

From several sources stated that the song was created by Sunan  Kalijaga. Lingsir Wengi  one cleric known as the guardian Walisongo famous among nine trustees island of Java for teaching kindness to introduce and teach the religion of Islam in the land of Java. Sunan Kalijaga one method of teaching is to track and apply the song in a puppet show or puppetry. it was due to craze of people around who really loves art puppet show, so in a way tersebutlah Sunan Kalijaga to convey the teachings of Islam in Indonesia, particularly in Java at the time.

Birth of song Lingsir Wengi spawned several discourses, both positive and negative. positive discourse song is a poetry as a reflection of life, steadfastness in the face of temptation both man and jinn or demons. This song also serves as a prayer to resist disasters and the song is also intended to remind people to be closer to God Almighty, so avoid disasters and problems.

So how can this song be assumed as a caller tune devil is Kuntilanak? if explored in depth the possibility of this song to be a song that is the mystery of the song lyrics and the tone that was so scary when we hear it, especially if we listen to this song and sing at night, so that fear will always come as a growing myth about this song .

However, need I remind you, that this song is not strange, no mystery caller tune and not the devil. Intrigued with this song???? Please click Download below.

7 Most Scary Ghost In Indonesia

In Indonesia is no stranger to the name of a ghost. many kinds of ghosts are known in Indonesia. ghost ghost comes along with the myth or event that is experienced by those who he saw a sinister figure. But need I remind you that it's actually all kind of ghost or demon genie who intend to tempt us and destroy our faith.

Here are 7 Most Scary Ghost In Indonesia

1.  Wewe Gombel

7 Most Scary Ghost In IndonesiaWewe Gombel also called Grandma Gombel is a term in Javanese tradition, which means evil spirit or a ghost who likes to kidnap the children, but did not harm her. It is said that children are often kidnapped children abandoned and neglected by her parents. Wewe Gombel will usually scare the child's parents on the attitude and treatment to their children until they are realized. If they had been aware, Wewe Gombel will restore her.

According to the story, the myth is believed Gombel Wewe used to scare children so they do not wander around at night. Because in the past, the dark is very dangerous because wild animals may enter the village in darkness. Therefore, Wewe Gombel created to save them from the threat. Wewe Gombel usually depicted with a wrinkled old lady figure with breasts that look long and hanging. (Wikipedia)

2. Sundel bolong

Sundel bolong (in the Malay language: bitch perforated) is a myth that ghosts of the archipelago is generally described as a beautiful woman with long hair and a long white dress that hole ("hole-through") on the back of a slightly closed her long hair so that the organs of the body parts stomach look.

In myth in Indonesia, ghosts are spirits of curious perforated sundel of women who die because of being raped and then gave birth to her son in the grave. Sundel perforated according to myth also likes to steal babies born recently. Sundel perforated according to myth was very shy with a hole in the body and is always trying to cover it up. Sundel perforated ghost is said often manifests as a beautiful woman walking alone on the road sunyi.Ada notion that myth is first created and deployed on the archipelago to avoid a woman walking alone at night in the countryside of the interference of men intent on evil, especially to rape. (Wikipedia)

3. Genderuwo

Genderuwa (in Javanese pronunciation: "Genderuwo") is a type of Javanese myth of the jinn or spirits in the form of an ape-like man who was big and stout with reddish black color, covered in thick hair growing all over his body. Genderuwa most widely known in the community on the island of Java, Indonesia. Sundanese people call it "gandaruwo" and the Javanese are generally called "devils".

The origin Genderuwo believed to come from the spirit of the deceased is not perfect, can be due to suicide, burial is not perfect nor the spirit of the accident that was curious and did not want to accept his death. Genderuwo can not be seen by ordinary people but at times he can reveal itself when disturbed. Genderuwo believed that not all evil, because some are good and their attitude depends on how people behave, whether to friends or hostile to such genderuwa.

4. Kuntilanak

Kuntilanak (Malay: Pontianak or Puntianak, or often abbreviated kunti) is a ghost who is believed to come from pregnant women who died or the woman who died in childbirth and the child had not been born. The name "puntianak" stands for "women die childless". This myth is similar to the mythical ghost langsuir known in Southeast Asia, particularly in Indonesia archipelago.

Generally, kuntilanak described as a beautiful woman with long hair and a long white shirt. In Malay folklore, kuntilanak figure depicted in the form of a beautiful woman with a perforated back. Kuntilanak depicted happy terrorizing villagers for revenge. Kuntilanak as appears always accompanied by fragrant frangipani flowers.

It is said that men who are not careful could be killed after kuntilanak transformed into blood-sucking. Kuntilanak said often manifests as a beautiful woman who walked alone through the silent streets. Therefore, this story aims to avoid the possibility of her class than disturbed by youths who fear Kuntilanak when walking alone on a deserted road.

5. Pocong

Pocong is a kind of tangible ghost bolsters. In Malaysia, the specter of this kind is also known as ghost packs. Pocong varied depictions. It is said, has a face berwarnah pocong green with empty eyes. The depiction of other states, faced pocong "average" and has a hole or hollow eyes closed cotton with pale white face. Those who believe in the existence of ghosts is thought, pocong is a form of "protest" of the dead are forgotten before the grave was opened bonding kafannya closed.

Although in the movies is often portrayed pocong jumping moves, myths about moving pocong alleges pocong hovering. This is understandable, because in the movies starring pocong could not move his legs so that the passage should be jumping up and down. This situation is also the cause of a statement that was used to distinguish between genuine and pocong pocong fake people. The belief in the existence of ghosts pocong only grown in Indonesia, especially in Java and Sumatra. Although the depiction follow Muslim tradition, people of other faiths also appeared to acknowledge the existence of ghosts.

6. Suster ngesot

Sister ngesot memekai the ghost nun clothes, the way she ngesot. Historically no one can determine the origin of nuns ngesot, but there is some information by word of mouth in the community who then believed to be the history of the Sisters ngesot. Ghost Sister ngesot trusted by society because the story or history, the first story in Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital, Jakarta, because in that place there was a nun who died unnatural.

In the evening there was a nun who perform their duties keeping a patient, the state of the night was very quiet and silent no anyone that there is only one doctor on call, when the nurse was about going to the laboratory, it is hindered by the attending physician, then raped and sadistic and brutally murdered with his legs mutilated and buried it in the laboratory.

Another myth about the sisters ngesot of West Java, which is in a nursing home where there was a beautiful nun Sister Dutch descent named Norah and she has magic, because of his ability that he used to kill all existing residents in nursing by reason of personal revenge time ago. Then the crime is known by the public, as punishment Norah feet beaten until crushed and broken people. And there beberpa old hospital in Indonesia believed to have a similar story about the nun story ahir ngeot the same fate has become a ghost that way not by foot but ngesot.

7. Palasik

Palasik according to stories, legends or beliefs of the Minangkabau is a kind of magical creature. According to Minangkabau belief palasik not a ghost but a black man who has a high level of knowledge. Palasik greatly feared by mothers who have toddlers in Minangkabau palasik because the food is baby / toddler, both of which are still in the womb or the dead (buried), depending on the type of palasik.

Science palasik believed hereditary nature. If the parents are a child palasik it would be so palasik. In general palasik works by releasing head. There are agencies that run its search for food, and others of his head hovering foraging.

Biography Of Ahmad Albar | Musicians Band God Bless

Biography Of Ahmad Albar | Musicians Band God Bless
Ahmad Albar Syech better known as Ahmad Albar (born in Surabaya, East Java, July 16, 1946, age 66 years) is an Indonesian singer and musician who is the lead vocalist of the band God Bless. Ahmad was born to Syech Albar and Farida Al-Hasni. Her mother divorced and then married to an artist, Jamaluddin Malik. From their marriage gave birth to a female artist, Camelia Malik. Ahmad Albar usually also on call with the nickname Iyek. Ahmad Albar was married to artist Rini S. Bono and has three sons: Fauzi Albar, an actor named Fachri Albar, and Fadli Albar.


Early career in the entertainment world, when it began to be known mostly kiddy movie star. General Mouse Deer, circa 1957. His career in music started since he was 11 years old, he and his friends formed a band called Stars Teen boy, when following the Boy Band Festival at Banteng Square, Jakarta. But two years later the band broke up. Together Titi Qadarsih he formed Kuarta tone. But the band did not last long before being dissolved.

Around the year 1960, Iye go to the Netherlands. In many countries windmill tulips overgrown rose, the second child of six brothers were not able to release the musical passion. He formed the band Take Five (1966-1967), who had followed the festival and won best vocalist. In the years 1967-1972 with the group Clover Leaf, Iyek spawn nine singles. Some of these songs, "Do not Spoil My Day" and "Grey Clouds" Dutch public interested enough in his day.

The end of 1972 with Ludwig Lemans, guitarist Clover Leaf, he visited Indonesia. In the homeland he saw and observed the musical life of Jakarta. Iye looking for musicians who would join him. Beginning in 1973, Iye with Fuad Hassan (drums), Donny Fattah (bass), Jockie Surjoprajogo (keyboards), and Ludwig Lemans (guitar) held a workout at the Top of the past two weeks, to face the music performance at Taman Ismail Marzuki on May 5, 1973. In practice they have agreed to form a group with the name of God Bless.

Success while released their debut album titled God Bless in 1975 making it a rock group group group rock concert opening the world "'Deep Purple'" in Jakarta. Ahmad Albar figure rocketed to superstar rock magazine Tempo, Indonesia and 27 September 1975 made him the main report to display photos on the front cover Albar.

Ahmad Albar who later formed the group with long curly frizzy Duo with vocalist Ucok Harahap AKA Band frizzy hair too. This duet album that spawned three Hell Hell (1977), Old Prostitute (1978), and Stage Plays (1978).

Ahmad Albar was disappointing when most fans dangdut album released in 1979 on the initiative of journalist Zakia titled music magazine Junior, Masheri Mansyur. Understand when it is still often regarded as the dangdut music plebeian by most people. The album contains nine tracks. Six works Albar is "Zakia", "For Treasure", "Red Rose", "The King Beetle", "God Exists" and "Frozen". The other three are "statement" (M Harris), "Sale" (Titiek Puspa), and "King Day" (Ian). Apparently the song "Zakia" he created "exploded" in the market. Guitarist Ian Antono who mix music is so good to hear. Not just singing dangdut, Ahmad Albar was played in the film "Rhythm of Love" with Elvy Sukaesih dangdut queen and duet brought five songs: "I'm Happy", "Pain Thumping", "You Should Know", "You Much" and "Leech Army ".

In 1980 God Bless issued a second album titled Mirror. Ian Antono joined the rock band. After that, God Bless the old vacuum but Ahmad Albar still go solo or performing with other singers such as Gito Rollies and Mus Mujiono.

Throughout the 1980s to the mid-1990s, Ahmad Albar out the album Poetry of Life (1980) with Ian Antono, World Huru Hara and the World Burned Fire (1988) made with musicians Areng Widodo, Kartika (1989) with Gito Rollies, album Secita Story, Steps must, and Scenario with Fariz RM, and Hand Steel with Farid Hardja, and Never There Wound (1996) with Nicky Astria lady rocker.

When searching for a vocalist who fronted Gong 2000 Ian Antono, Albert Wijaya, Yaya Muktio (drums), Harry Anggoman (keyboards) and Donny, the choice fell on Ahmad Albar, because he was considered the best at that. Gong Concert 2000 dated October 26, 1991 in the East Parking Senayan satisfying about 100,000 viewers a powerful sound system equipment 120 000 300 000 watts and watt-powered lights. This group produced four albums: East Coal (1991), Gong Live (1992), Warriors (1993), and the tempest (2000). Here Albar almost perfect God Bless second birth. Fans did not seem to care if they hear Gong 2000 or God Bless, all that matters is Ian, Donny, and Albar.

Iye also issued a solo album, the City Buses (1990), Who's Turn (1991), Rini Tomboy (1991), Waiting for Certainty (1992), Flower of Life (1994), Let Me Go (1994), and Full Revenge (1995) . Row, then God Bless issued a number of albums recorded as Black Ants (1988), Giant (1989), The Story of God Bless (1990), 18 Greatest Hits of God Bless (1992), and How Are You (1997). In addition to often perform concerts in many cities in the country, Ahmad Albar also had a concert abroad. On February 7, 2004 as he performed in Kuala Lumpur with God Bless enliven birthday Malaysian rock group Search.

After the concert, Albar immediately joined 11 young singers Ambassador (Sheila on 7), Armand Maulana (Dental), Fadly (Rice), Kikan (Chocolate), Andi (/ rif), Roy (Boomerang), Color, Audy, Queen, Rio Febrian, and Barry Manilow. They together sang "Our Home" taken from the album God Bless Black Ants.

Biography Of God Bless | Group Band Indonesia

God Bless is a rock band that has become a legend in Indonesia. Of the 1970s can be regarded as their glory years. One proof of their big names is when God Bless selected as the opening concert of legendary rock band the world, Deep Purple in Jakarta (1975).

Personnel God Bless
    Biography Of God Bless | Group Band Indonesia
  • Ahmad Albar - Lead Vocal
  • Djusuf 'Ian' Antono - Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Donny Fattah Gagola - Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Eternal Soesman - Keyboard, Piano, Synth, Backing Vocals
  • Yaya Moektio - Drums, Percussions

Former Personnel God Bless
  • Yockie Soerjoprajogo - Keyboard, Piano, Synth
  • Soman Lubis - Keyboard, Piano, Synth
  • Fuad Hassan - Drum
  • Ludwig Le Mans - Guitar
  • Teddy Sujaya - Drum
  • Eet Sjahranie - Guitar
  • Gilang Ramadhan - Drum

God Bless History

Era of the 1970s

God Bless The establishment began with the return of Ahmad "Iyek" Albar returned to the country after several years living in the Netherlands, he dreamed of forming his own band more serious. He came back from Holland along with Ludwig Lemans (guitarist Clover Leaf, Iyek band when he was in the Netherlands). Iyek then took (deceased) Fuad Hassan (drums) and Donny Fattah (bass) to form the band. This is what lies behind the establishment of Crazy Wheels, before the band - which held its inaugural concert in TIM (Taman Ismail Marzuki) and then follow the stage musical "Summer '28", a kind of stage 'Woodstock' style Ragunan Indonesia in Jakarta, followed by various bands of Indonesia, Malysia and the Philippines - changed his name to God Bless on May 5, 1973.

Jockie Surjoprajogo (keyboards) had just joined the Crazy Wheels / God Bless the beginning of 1973. He intended as a substitute Deddy Dores - who had joined God Bless but did not last long in the band because they have to take care of his own band, Rhapsodia. However Jockie can not last long. His position was replaced by (the late) Soman Lubis.

Biography Of God Bless | Group Band Indonesia
In June 1974, Fuad Hasan and Soman Lubis (keyboard) traffic accident in Tugu Pancoran, South Jakarta. God Bless even through a period of mourning. Plus, the guitarist Ludwig Lemans also decided to get out of God Bless. Thus, the remaining personnel live and Donny Fattah Ahmad Albar. To fill the void on the keyboard, they invite Jockie to rejoin. Jockie then invites Ian Antono (guitar) and Teddy Sujaya (drums) to join God Bless. To commemorate Fuad Hassan and Soman Lubis, God Bless appeared on TIM with the theme of remembering a hundred days Fuad Hasan and Soman Lubis has to carry the coffin to the stage.

In the beginning, God Bless is not a band that has a song. They are just an ordinary band brought the songs of others, such as Kansas, Easy Beast, Genesis, Deep Purple, at each appearance. The process of entry of this legendary band into the studio started with trial and error. They wrote the song, and then record it. They recorded it in a studio run by Alex Kumara (expert broadcast). These recordings can be reached PT Aquarius Musikindo because Suryoko - Aquarius boss - often learn guitar at home Ian. They both had been friends for a long time. And in 1975, releasing her first album God Bless.

The 80's

Towards the making of the second album, Jockie Surjoprajogo out of formation, position later taken over by Eternal Soesman who joined in 1979 and was involved in the making of the album Mirror (1980). Unlike the previous albums were recorded material while completing the song, album Mirror (1980) conceptualized and prepared properly a few months before entering the recording. On this album, the concept of music God Bless slightly changed to bring potions arrangements of his songs seem more complex, requiring skills in addition to their high personnel also compactness in play, such as songs Musicians, Son of Adam, Good Morning Indonesia or Sodom Gomorrah. Even when recording, Teddy Sunjaya not use the metronome like most other recordings. Mirror album also represents rebellion against God Bless the recording industry dominance when it is always imposing the commercialism of the demands of the market when it was dominated by pop music with the theme of love in the eyes narrowly. This album is often cited as the most idealistic album God Bless and best of the musikalitasnya. And a barometer of the quality of a rock band at that time, when able to play songs from the album Mirror. Two years after the album was released Mirror, Eternal Soesman resigned.

In about the 1980's, one of the promoters of rock from Surabaya, Log Zhelebour began aggressively rock festival staged in Indonesia, and begin to awaken God Bless from the "long sleep" by making the songs as a song God Bless "must" also personnel from jury duty at the festival were finally delivered many rock bands in Indonesia, such as Grass Rock, Elpamas, until Slank.

Biography Of God Bless | Group Band Indonesia
From just being a juror, in 1988 finally delivered the album God Bless the Black Ants come back that exploded in that time, with hits such as Our Home, Black Ants, or Life. In sales, Black Ants album was the best selling album God Bless. On this album, there was another change in the concept of music God Bless. Of the progressive rock was more nuanced drastically changed to be a little harder with the influence of hard rock and heavy metal, as well as to consider the commercial market tastes. Even so, the music quality is still maintained strong. The album was also the inspiration for young people to continue working in the field of rock music. However, after the album came out the Black Ants, Ian Antono declared out of formation God Bless. His position was later replaced by a talented young guitarist, Eet Sjahranie. Upon entry Sjahranie Eet, in 1989 dirilislah titled album with hits Licking Giant sun, in March 1989, or the Mysteries. Eet Sjahranie successfully refresh guitars Ian Antono God Bless and make more aggressive. Ian Antono himself, after leaving God Bless pioneered countless successful solo career as a songwriter, and producer aranjer.

Era of the 90s

After passing through the vacuum long enough, in 1997, God Bless the personnel, including Ian Antono Eet Sjahranie and re-assembled. 'Workshop' that their titles in the Peak area, resulting in an album titled What news. But the reunion did not last long because Eet officially resigned from formations God Bless and concentrate on his own band, Edane which since 1992 has released her first album, The Beast.

Although not much released an album, God Bless, considered a legendary rock band Indonesia because it is considered as a pioneer who has high musical quality. Throughout the journey, the group had 15 times more personnel changes are referred to as 'formation', and is currently living Ahmad Albar (vocals), Ian Antono (guitar), and Donny Fattah Gagola (bass) can still be regarded as active personnel group.

Era of the 2000s

In February 2009, they performed on the show Kick Andy on Metro TV with 5 personnel, namely Ahmad Albar (vocals), Ian Antono (guitar), Donny Fattah (bass), Yaya Moektio (drums) and Eternal Soesman (keyboards). They said it would issue a new album in the near future. And right at the beginning of May 2009, God Bless finally issued a new album titled 36th.

1975 - God Bless
1980 - Mirror
1988 - Black Ants
1989 - Giant
1997 - What's News
2009 - 36th


1990 - The Story of God Bless
1992-18 Greatest Hits of God Bless
1999 - The Greatest Hits Slow

Biography of Ian Antono | Personnel Band God Bless

Biography of Ian Antono | Personnel Band God Bless
Ian Antono whose real name is Joseph Antono Djojo (born in Malang, East Java, October 29, 1950, age 62 years) is a musician and songwriter who is also a guitarist of legendary rock group God Bless.

Early career

At first, Ian Antono was a drummer. But after hearing the music of The Shadows he began to become interested in someone guitarist. He was eventually joined the band Eternal, who was named Soesman is taken into account. In 1970 he moved to Athens and joined the band Bentoel the accompanist for singers and Emilia Contesa Trio The King.

Finally in 1974 he officially became a guitarist God Bless and released albums such as Above Huma Hill (1975), Mirrors (1980), Black Ants (1989). Name Ian Antono began to attract attention because at that time in Indonesia atmospheric rock music no one has started. God Bless who first pioneered. Automatically guitarist Ian also became the first rock track flying in Indonesia.

Gong 2000

After the retreat of the God Bless and Gong Ian joined the group in 2000 and released albums like East Bara (1991), Warriors (1994), and the tempest (1996). When the game was with God Bless different Ian Gong he strengthened during 2000. In 2000, he was a lot Gong incorporates elements of Balinese music. This was evidenced at every appearance, at least to include 20 musicians Ian native Balinese. In 1997, Ian returned strengthen God Bless and a duet with Eet Sjahranie which still existed as a guitarist God Bless. The concept of double guitar is enough to attract attention but in the end the album "How Are You?" spawned.

Ian Antono also a prolific figure of a musician. Within a year he was able to work on the album for a couple of singers. Many albums are not out of touch of warmth termasuklah Iwan Fals, Anggun C. Sasmi, Nicky Astria, Doel Contribute, Gito Rollies, Ebiet G Ade, Ikang Fawzi and more. The work of Ian Antono muzik arena has received many awards. Which is BASF Award (1987 - 1988) for Best Arranger and Composer for the album arid (Nicky Astria), HDX Award (1989) for the song Private Investigations (Iwan FALS), BAFS Award (1989) Album East Bara (Gong 2000 ) as the Best Selling Album and the Best Arranger and Composer, HDX Award (1994) for the album Warriors (Gong 2000) as Best Album. Equally important is the appreciation of the Diamond Achievement Award for his dedication and high achievement in the music industry in 1995.

An interesting experience for Ian was when in 1999 he was invited by Ramli Sharif to join the Formula-1 in Malaysia. For Ian this is not a common experience, the article there were present also the collaboration group guitar god world, G3 and the legendary rock group Jethro Tull. By utilizing the sound check session, Ian studied belong to the Steve Vai of polynomial. From there he adds knowledge and insight that he'd never get in Indonesia.

Greatness name and contribution to the world of Indonesian music makes young musicians Indonesia held a project album A Tribute To Ian Antono punctuated with musical artists such as Edane Indonesia, Sheila On 7, Padi, Gigi, Brown, Boomerang, / rif, etc..

Ian Antono in 2007 is often put on the Gibson Les Paul standard and a double neck Gibson SG. For the exercises at home he uses Marshall, but to LIVE and recording in the studio he used a Mesa Boogie. There was no effect of variety he used other than a delay.

Biography of Anggun C. Sasmi | Diva Indonesia

Biography of Anggun C. Sasmi | Diva Indonesia
Anggun Cipta Sasmi (born in Jakarta, 29 April 1974, age 38 years) is Indonesian singer who now has French citizenship. She was the daughter of Darto Singo, an Indonesian artist, and Dien Herdina, a woman whose relatives still Yogyakarta Palace. He started his career by appearing on stage at the age of seven years Ancol, then record an album of children two years later. Under the guidance of musician Ian Antono, Anggun recording his first studio album in Indonesia titled I've Got the World in 1986. However, the name of the new Anggun soared after the release of the single titled "Dream" in 1989. At a very young age Anggun has managed to reach the peak of his popularity as a rock singer in Indonesia with the award she won "Most Popular Indonesian Artist 1990-1991".

In 1994, Anggun decided to leave Indonesia and realize his dream of becoming an international artist. With the help of Erick Benzi, a major producer France, in 1997, Anggun successfully released his first international album titled Snow on the Sahara in 33 countries around the world, including the United States, which is a global music mecca. Since then Anggun has produced five international albums were recorded in multi-languages, especially English and French. In addition, he has recorded collaborations with many foreign artists, including Julio Iglesias, Peter Gabriel, and Pras Michel of The Fugees group. Anggun also been singing directly with Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, Charles Aznavour, David Foster, and other world-class musicians.

Indonesian singer Anggun is the first to successfully penetrate the international music industry and her albums have achieved gold and platinum awards in several European countries. Anggun has sold over 10 million records throughout his career. Anggun has won several awards over his achievements, including the grace prestigious "Chevalier des Arts et Lettres" from the French government. Anggun also has twice asked to become the global ambassador of the United Nations (UN), the Microcredit program in 2005 and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in 2009.

Artistry, imagery, and achievement

Anggun is often dubbed as the "Diva of Indonesia" by the media at home and abroad. Anggun is known as a singer who has the kind of bold contralto voice and unique vocal improvisation techniques. At the time of release of the album Snow on the Sahara many international observers praised the music sounds Graceful and often called "Annie Lennox of Asia".

At the beginning of his career as a rock singer, Anggun famous tomboy appearance and typical uses beret askew, shorts, jackets nails and big belt that had become a trend in the early 1990s. However, since becoming an international singer, Anggun berbusananya completely change the style became more feminine and sexy, with the typical appearance of an Indonesian woman with long black hair and brown skin. To support his appearance Anggun has assisted many of the world's fashion designers such as Azzedine Alaïa, Dolce & Gabbana, and Roberto Cavalli.  Herworld Magazine has named Graceful as inspiration long straight haired women during the decade of the 2000s. Anggun also ranked 18 in the list of "100 Sexiest Women in the World" magazine FHM France in 2010.

Biography of Anggun C. Sasmi | Diva Indonesia
Although it has been successful as a singer, Anggun never expanded his career into other areas outside of music. When the campaign held its first international album in American television, Anggun Hollywood director had offered to play in the movie James Bond: The World Is Not Enough and High Fidelity. However, both roles were rejected Graceful and eventually given to the actress Sophie Marceau and Lisa Bonet. Graciously said "I was born as a singer. I'm not going to try another profession because I think there are many people who are born to be a movie star or a model. Calls I feel my soul is music." In addition, Anggun also tend to be selective in choosing a product ad that starred.

Anggun was one of the first singers of Asia actually able to break through the international music industry outside of Asia. Unlike the singers black, Asian people are still difficult to get a place in the European and American music world. Anggun's success directly or indirectly paved the way for other singers from Asia. After a series of name Anggun emerging Asian singer trying to work on European or American music market as Coco Lee, Utada Hikaru, BoA, or Tata Young. Hong Kong singer Coco Lee even claims to be inspired by the gracious while trying to launch the first international album Just No Other Way (1999). Zivan Lionel S. Valdellon, a journalist from the Philippines, called Graceful as "a very good ambassador for Indonesia and Asia in general." Anggun himself said, "I think it's time the people [outside of Asia] know more about Asia, not just a vacation spot."

Biography of William McKinley

Biography of William McKinley
William McKinley was born on January 29, 1843 in Niles, Ohio and is the seventh child of nine siblings. At the age of 17 he entered college, but was forced to leave college shortly afterwards due to poor health. He eventually worked as a teacher. When the American Civil War broke out in 1861, 18-year-old McKinley entered the army and fought in West Virginia and eventually he was appointed Second Lieutenant.

After the Civil War ended, William McKinley studied law in an office for a year, and continued his studies for several years at the School of Law. In the age of 24 she began to open up the practice of law. At the age of 34 years McKinley obtain positions in Congress. His personality is charming, polite character, and intelligence caused him to rise rapidly. He served in Congress for 14 years and then he became governor of the state of Ohio for two terms.


William McKinley became the Republican candidate for President in the 1896 election, thanks to the support of his friends rich, he won more than seven million votes of the total votes of almost 14 million. The administration of President McKinley busy with activities in the field of foreign policy.

Under his reign, the first American to acquire areas overseas, namely the Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico. This is the result of the Hundred Days War in 1898 between the United States and Spain. This war arises because America wants to help Cuba gain independence from Spain. In the hundred days war, the Americans destroyed the Spanish fleet outside Santiago harbor in Cuba.

Biography of Theodore Roosevelt

Biography of Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.. (Born in New York City, in Gramercy, Manhattan, October 27, 1858 - died in Oyster Bay, New York, January 6, 1919 at the age of 60 years) is the President of the United States All 26 . Served two terms in the year 1901 to 1909. Before becoming President Roosevelt is vice president of the United States under President William McKinley. Theodore Roosevelt also known as TR calls, and in the community known as Teddy (although he himself did not like this nickname).

Name stuffed toy teddy bear, named after the president because of a time when she refused to hunt bear killed a child. He gained the presidency when he replaced the assassinated President William McKinley .

At the age of 42 years, Roosevelt was the youngest president of the United States. Roosevelt came from Republicans. In the first term he did not have a vice president, and the second term he is accompanied by Vice President Charles W. Fairbanks. The President is still a close relative of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the American President-32.

Early career

Theodore Roosevelt was born in New York on October 27, 1858 [9]. He came from a family that is. Before becoming president, Theodore Roosevelt had extensive experience. He was never a member of Parliament the state of New York, member of the Bureau of Human Resources Government of the United States, Chairman of the New York Police, Lieutenant Colonel in the Spanish American War, governor of New York, and Vice President of the U.S.


In 1901 when President William McKinley died from a terrorist shot. At that time, he became the youngest American president in U.S. history. As president, Theodore Roosevelt maintained that the government should: Being intermediate between economic factors as opposed to in the United States, particularly between employers and labor groups. Ensure justice for everyone and not biased.

And the president as "the leader of the people" should take whatever action in the interests of the people unless the acts expressly prohibited by law or the Constitution. President Theodore Roosevelt keep the big companies do not get playing politics and he forced the dissolution of large companies, for violating antitrust laws.

He was firm in his conviction that foreign countries should not be building a base in the Caribbean, and the United States is the only country that may interfere with other American countries. In 1905 President Theodore Roosevelt to calm the Nobel Peace Prize for reconciling Russia and Japan were at war. He is also the president of the United States of the first to use the International Court of Arbitration in The Hague, Netherlands.

Biography of John F. Kennedy

Biography of John F. Kennedy
John Fitzgerald Kennedy (born in Brookline, Massachusetts, May 29, 1917 - died in Dallas, Texas, USA, 22 November 1963 at the age of 46 years), often called the John F. Kennedy, Kennedy, John Kennedy, Jack Kennedy, or JFK was the President of the United States to-35. In 1960, he became the youngest elected President of the United States and the second youngest after Theodore Roosevelt for president.

Kennedy became president after taking office on January 20, 1961. Position the Presidential stalled after the assassination in 1963. He was killed by a bullet brunt during a visit to Dallas (Texas) on 22 November 1963. Kennedy fell open when the car passed him in the crowd who welcomed his visit. On 25 November 1963, his body was buried in Arlington, Washington, DC. A total of 800,000 people on the streets of Washington mourn.

Kennedy is a member of the Kennedy clan blooded Irish-American, a prominent family in the country's politics. He is regarded as a symbol of American liberalism. In World War II, he was admired for his courage and heroism when he saved a fellow sailor in the South Pacific Ocean. Kennedy represented Massachusetts in 1947-1960, as a member of the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. He was elected President in 1960 with a slim victory in one of the most stringent election in American history.

Kennedy was the youngest man elected president (not to be confused with the youngest person to hold the office of president, a record held by Theodore Roosevelt), the first U.S. president born in the 20th century, and also the youngest president of the deceased. By 2005, he was also the only Roman Catholic ever elected President of the United States, the president of the Democratic Party of North pewakil last, and the last president who died while serving. After the assassination of John F. Kennedy on 22 November 1963, the world condole his death.

In a survey conducted by C-SPAN that orders the U.S. president, a panel of historians give him value in the second position in the overall population and the general gave him the third ranking of the forty-two presidents who had served. The agenda was not completed due to his death; most people rights policies indicate the results through his successor, Lyndon B. Johnson.

Biography of Josef Stalin

Biography of Josef Stalin
Josif (Josef) Vissarionovich Stalin (Russian: Иосиф Виссарионович Сталин, Vissariónovich Iosif Stalin), real name Ioseb Jughashvili (Language Georgia: იოსებ ჯუღაშვილი, Russian: Иосиф Джугашвили, Iosif Dzhugashvili ;) (born December 18, 1878 - died March 5, 1953 at the age of 74 years) is the leader of the Soviet Union and a very tyrannical dictator, also known as the "Man of Steel" as a name (Stalin or Steel Man). He is thought to have ordered the murder of about 30 million inhabitants of Russia and surrounding countries. He is also known as a person who hates religion. Initially he entered the seminary in Tbilisi, but he then became not believe in God after reading the book Origin of Species by Charles Darwin.

He appeared as the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Stalin's main rival was Leon Trotsky. When at last the whole party was in the grip of Stalin, Trotsky were driven out of the Soviet Union and then murdered in Mexico around 1940. And when Lenin died on January 21, 1924, Stalin appeared as the new leader of the Soviet Union. He treated his rivals or anyone who disagrees with him is cruel and inhumane, especially during major cleanup in the Soviet Union which took many lives. They were all sentenced to death as an enemy of the Soviet state or put into forced labor camps or prison. Gulag prison camp is one of the silent witness to the cruelty of Stalin during the Great Terror in the Soviet Union.

When World War II (1939-1945) broke out, the Soviet Union's war with Britain and the United States against Nazi Germany. But after the war, Stalin put "Iron Curtain" between Western allies and the Soviet Union and most Eastern European countries become communist state. Stalin ruled until his death at the age of 74 years. His death was allegedly due to poisoning by Lavrenty Beria gang leader. During his reign he not only oversees the entire former Soviet states, but also countries outside the Soviet Union.

References: Elizabeth Mauchline Roberts, Man of Steel, Methuen, 1968

Biography of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Biography of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (born in Hyde Park, New York, January 30, 1882 - died in Warm Springs, Georgia, 12 April 1945 at the age of 63 years) is the President of the United States to-32 and is the only U.S. president elected four times in term of office from 1933 to 1945.

He was one of the leaders of the 20th century and ranks third in the history of the U.S. presidency. Born in an affluent, he also passed the point, disabling pain. He put himself at the forefront of supporting the reform. Family and close friends call him Frank. For the Americans, he was familiarly known as FDR. One of the achievements of the famous Roosevelt because of his leadership helped the United States recover from the "Great Depression".

In planning for World War II, he was preparing the U.S. to be the "Arsenal of Democracy" against the forces of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, but the leadership aspects, especially its attitude towards Joseph Stalin considered naive, has been criticized by some historians. Finally, his vision of an effective international organization to maintain peace achieved by the formation of the United Nations.

Early career
  • Roosevelt positions before becoming president are:
  • Being a lawyer at the age of 25 years
  • Being a New York state senator for two years.
  • Served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy under Josephus Daniels naval minister
  • Governor of New York.
After the first hundred days in office, Roosevelt had shown themselves as capable leaders. He gained popular support that is unique in American history in launching a pilot program aimed at the so-called As with systems that are more social and more democratic. The program is known as the "New Deal."

In 1936 in the Presidential election year, the peaceful revolution in the economic and social launched by President Roosevelt has managed to bring back some of the improvements and the construction of America. Therefore he was re-elected as president with a huge turnout.

During his second term, from 1937 to 1940 President Roosevelt faced many hardships. He disagreed with the U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. economy suffered a setback and in September 1939, war broke out in Europe with the German invasion of Poland. Through this legislation, President Roosevelt sought to prevent Americans from the war, but in addition to that it also strengthens nations threatened or attacked.

Biography of Bill Clinton

Biography of Bill Clinton
William Jefferson Clinton (born in Hope, Arkansas, August 19, 1946, age 66 years old by the name of William Jefferson Blythe III) is President of the United States to-42. He served two terms before the period of January 20, 1993 until January 20, 2001. Before elected president, Clinton for about 12 years was Governor of Arkansas that the 40 and the 42. His wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is a Senator from New York constituency. Established the William J. Clinton Foundation Clinton Foundation and became its chairman.

During the Clinton administration, Americans enjoy peace and economic prosperity greater than any other time in U.S. history. Clinton was president of the Democratic Party (United States), the first since Franklin D. Roosevelt successfully served for two terms.

Bill Clinton's childhood

Bill Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe IV on August 19, 1946 in Hope, Arkansas. Three months before his birth, his father died in a traffic accident. When Clinton was four years old, his mother remarried to Roger Clinton from Hot Springs, Arkansas. His stepfather's surname, Clinton, then he's used since high school sitting.

Clinton is a gifted saxophonist as well as reliable. He once considered becoming a professional musician, then as a Boys Nation delegates to sit in during high school, he met President John Kennedy in the Rose Garden of the White House. The meeting was motivated to go into public service.

Bill Clinton's early career

Clinton graduated from Georgetown University in 1968 and in that year he received a Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford University. He obtained a degree in law from Yale University in 1973, and entered politics in Arkansas. He lost a campaign for Congress in the Third District of Arkansas in 1974. The next year he married Hillary Rodham, a graduate of Wellesley College and Yale Law School. Their only daughter, Chelsea, was born in 1980.

In 1976, Clinton was elected Arkansas Attorney General, and became governor of the state in 1978. Having failed in his attempt to maintain that position, he managed to get it back four years later. He served as governor of Arkansas until he managed to defeat President George Bush and independent candidate Ross Perot in the 1992 presidential election.

During the presidency of Bill Clinton

Clinton and his partner in permilihan president, Senator Al Gore of Tennessee, who was then 44 years old, represents a new generation in American political leadership. For the first time in 12 years, both the White House and Congress controlled by the same party. But this situation did not last long; victorious Republicans in both chambers of Congress in 1994.

He succeeded
  • Putting the unemployment rate and the inflation rate at lowest point in 30 years.
  • The highest rate of home ownership in U.S. history.
  • Lowering the level of crime in some areas.
  • Reducing welfare tasks.
  • Proposed the first balanced budget in decades and achieved a budget surplus.
As part of the plan of the millennium celebrations in 2000, Clinton called on the people to launch a national initiative to end racial discrimination. But there is also the argument that the Clinton administration in the early success of his tenure due to a long-term policy implemented by former President Ronald Reagan began to show results.

After the failure in his second year with regard to the reform program in health, Clinton changed the emphasis, as he declared that "the era of big government is over." He set the legislation to improve the quality of education, to protect jobs of parents who must take care of a sick child, limit the sale of handguns, and strengthening the rules that relate to the environment.

In 1998, as a result of issues concerning personal relationships and sex scandal with a young woman White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, President Clinton became the second president impeached by the House of Representatives in the U.S.. He was tried in the Senate and found not guilty on all charges addressed to him. He apologized to all the people of the United States for his actions and continued to have the support to become president.

On the international scene, he managed to send peacekeepers to war-torn Bosnia and bombed Iraq after Saddam Hussein were stopping UN inspection of the evidence the existence of nuclear weapons, chemical and biological. He became a global leader in the development of NATO, more open international trade, and the global campaign against drug trafficking. He got a great welcome in his visits to South America, Europe, Russia, Africa, and the PRC in promoting US-style freedom.

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History of the creation of SpongeBob

History of the creation of SpongeBob
Stephen Hillenburg intended to create a series of overly optimistic sponge that interfere with other characters. Hillenburg compared the concept to Laurel and Hardy and Pee-wee Herman. As he drew the character, he decided that "squeaky-clean square" (like a kitchen sponge) fit the concept.

The first concept sketch portrayed the character as wearing a red hat with a green base and a white shirt with necktie business. SpongeBob's look gradually progressed to brown pants that are used in the final design. SpongeBob is designed to be a child character as silly and optimistic in a style similar to that made famous by Jerry Lewis.

Initially the character was named SpongeBoy but this name is already in use. This was discovered after voice acting for the original seven minute pilot was recorded in 1997. Nickelodeon legal department discovered that the name was already in use for a mop product. After finding this out, Hillenburg decided that the character given name still had to contain "Sponge" so viewers would not mistake the character "Cheese Man." Hillenburg decided to use the name "SpongeBob". He chose "SquarePants" as a family name as it referred to a square shape and the character has "a nice ring to it".

Although SpongeBob's driver's license says his date of birth July 14, 1986, which would make this character is 12 (almost 13) years old at the time of his debut performance on May 1, 1999, Hillenburg joked that he is fifty in "sponge years". Explaining that SpongeBob actually has no specific age, but that he is old enough to be independent and still have to go to boating school. Her decision to have SpongeBob attend a boat driving school was made due to a request from Nickelodeon that the character attend a school.

SpongeBob is voiced by veteran voice actor Tom Kenny. Kenny previously worked with Hillenburg on Rocko's Modern Life, and when Hillenburg created SpongeBob SquarePants, he approached Kenny character voices. Hillenburg utilizing personality Kenny and others to help create the personality of SpongeBob.

The voice of SpongeBob was originally used by Kenny for a background character present in a crowd scene in Rocko's Modern Life. Kenny forgot the voice initially as he created only for a single use. But Hillenburg remember when he came up with SpongeBob and used a video clip episode to remind Kenny the voice. Kenny says that SpongeBob's high pitched laugh was specifically aimed at the unique, stating that they want annoying laugh in the tradition of Popeye and Woody Woodpecker.

Ability and talent SpongeBob

Ability and talent SpongeBob
Like many other cartoon characters, SpongeBob has been shown to have many remarkable capabilities and attributes for the series. Because the body is soft, supple, he was able to shape shift, have some level of immunity, capable of absorbing all kinds of physical effects, shown especially in the episode "The Bully". In episodes such as "Graveyard Shift", shows that he can quickly regenerate body parts injured or removed. SpongeBob is usually proven boneless (sea sponges are invertebrates were), but has been shown to have a framework in various episodes. As a sponge, he is also absorbent, and can expand his body to absorb the liquid, as shown in episodes such as "Culture Shock", "Gary Takes a Bath", "Squirrel Jokes" and "Dear Vikings". When he cries, he often re-absorb her tears. Despite having great abilities, SpongeBob displayed very weak physically, he used a stuffed animal as a "burden" in his private practice room, and in "Ripped Pants", he had trouble lifting a small wooden branch with marshmallows on the ends. The disadvantage is expressed also in the episode "MuscleBob BuffPants", in which he was not able to lift any object that is very light even as he fills "sleeve anchor" it in the air. However, like many aspects of the show, his strength is not consistent between episodes, and he has proven to have enormous power on various occasions, notably in "The Fry Cook Games", in which he has a very muscular body when he fights with Patrick.

SpongeBob also has some mastery of karate, but it is always different in each episode. In some episodes, he is shown to be very skilled, able to match or even beat Sandy on several occasions. However, in most of the series, he shows just messing around with karate, because he was usually beaten by Sandy.

Although usually seen (at least by Squidward) very childish and stupid, SpongeBob has proven to be very talented in many areas, and even sometimes have super-human intelligence. In fact, driving a boat is one of the few things that if SpongeBob doing will be not good. When he puts his mind to the task, he can achieve something, as in "SpongeHenge", where he spent the time to build a stone sculptures that produce sound that is identical to his voice, only to lure the jellyfish away. Thanks to the imagination, SpongeBob episodes have proven superior to Squidward in the arts, especially in the "Unknown Artist", in which he could produce a perfect statue of Michelangelo's David. In "Squid's Visit", SpongeBob really make an exact replica of Squidward's house from the rooms to the parts that are sometimes unexpected, even a replica of the painting Squidward Squidward recognized better than homemade. SpongeBob also has extensive knowledge of the subjects he likes, such as hunting jellyfish, Krabby Patty, and their history, and others. In episodes such as "Ripped Pants," "The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie" and, especially, "Band Geeks", SpongeBob display has a fantastic singing voice. He uses his nose as a flute, and always good voice.

Lessons From SpongeBob Characters

Lessons From SpongeBob Characters
SpongeBob is a sea sponge, but he resembles a kitchen sponge, being rectangular and bright yellow. In previous episodes, he is wider near the top and slim down, but in the more recent episodes, he was a regular square. SpongeBob has large blue eyes, short nose, large mouth with protruding front teeth and dimples with three freckles on each cheek. He usually wears a white shirt with a red tie, black leather shoes with shoelaces, and brown rectangular pants with a black belt (the entire outfit is sometimes called "pants"). While working at the Krusty Krab, he wore a hat, tall white with a small blue anchor on it as a uniform. SpongeBob sleeping with my clothes on the streets, including shoes. Although SpongeBob has always voiced by Tom Kenny, the voice has changed over the series, his voice lower than usual in the pilot episode, and after the movie, will voice a little higher pitched.

SpongeBob is a character that really can not understand, mature, and hyperactivity. He is a very determined, and will often stop at nothing to complete the task. He is also somewhat dramatic to people of good to him, for example, for the postman. He was also very over-confident and tend to make a big deal of small issues, such as missing badge.

Lessons from SpongeBob characters

A. Good Lesson

SpongeBob is very kind-hearted and innocent, and very rarely acts openly to anyone, even his enemies. He was a very selfless and loyal, especially to those close to him. Selfishness itself primarily shown in the episode "Best Day Ever", in which he gives "a perfect day" was to help his friends. Despite good intentions, SpongeBob actions often interfere and cause problems for the people around him, especially the next-door neighbor, Squidward Tentacles.

Throughout the run series SpongeBob SquarePants, SpongeBob characters become very popular with both children and adults. Character popularity has spread from Nickelodeon's original demographic of children aged 2-11 years, for teens and adults, including college and celebrities such as Sigourney Weaver and Bruce Willis. SpongeBob has also become popular with gay men, despite Stephen Hillenburg saying that none of the characters are homosexual. Character attract fans since his flamboyant lifestyle and tolerant attitude.

Popularity of SpongeBob translated well into sales figures. In 2002, SpongeBob doll sold at the rate of 75,000 per week, which was faster than Tickle Me Elmo dolls were sold at that time. SpongeBob has gained popularity in Japan, specifically with Japanese women's parent company Viacom deliberately marketing aimed at women in the country as a method of building the SpongeBob SquarePants brand. Initially skeptical doubted that SpongeBob could be popular in Japan as the character design is very different to already popular designs for Hello Kitty and Pikachu.

B. The lesson is not good

Error SpongeBob also made him too trusting and very gullible, and he was easily manipulated by people who intend to use and / or harm him, such as Squidward, Mr. Krabs and Plankton; most obviously, he is always easily fooled by Plankton no matter how bizarre or obvious disguise. Although he is generally good-natured and relaxed, when frustrated and angry, SpongeBob can sarcastic, rude and 'foul-mouthed' to his friends, even Mr. Krabs, whom he treats as a father figure / god. Funny thing is, Squidward is the only character who never insulted SpongeBob when cheated, he sometimes still believe even though Squidward is claimed.

Not all have been positive reception for SpongeBob. Many viewers, especially older or who consider themselves "above" the series, the character is said to be very annoying and / or distracting. These issues have been strengthened since season four onwards, where the behavior of the characters is not fun. AskMen's Top 10: Irritating 90 puts SpongeBob Cartoon Characters ranked at number four. The publication says that his "very annoying".

Biography Of Spongebob

Biography Of Spongebob
According to his driver's license in the episode "Sleepy Time" and "No Free Rides", SpongeBob was born on July 14, 1986. SpongeBob SquarePants lived with his pet snail Gary in a large pineapple-shaped house at number 124 Conch Street, Bikini Bottom. Neighbors who lived next to his home, Squidward Tentacles, who lives in an Easter Island head, hates SpongeBob and continues uninterrupted by kejenakaannya. SpongeBob does not realize this, and believes Squidward are friends. In addition to the home Squidward is SpongeBob's best friend, Patrick Star, who lives under a rock.

SpongeBob works at the Krusty Krab, Bikini Bottom restaurant's most popular, where he worked fry cook and prepare all the food served at the Krusty Krab, Krabby Patties especially. The first episode of the series depict SpongeBob applying for a job at this restaurant. He said that he had been a lifetime dream to join the Employees Krusty, and just now he is "ready". When he got ready for work, Squidward and Mr.. Krabs, he does not want to work there, they sent him to look for "spatula hidrodinamit" with a turbo and extra drive on the right and left ". While he went looking for it, hundreds of hungry anchovies arrive and make Squidward and Mr. Krabs overwhelmed. SpongeBob soon returns, after actually finding hydrodynamic spatula, and saved their lives by feeding fish, showed exceptional gastronomy.

SpongeBob is not only very good at his job, was able to produce a Krabby Patty in seconds, yet has a strong passion and love for it's abnormal; somewhat of a workaholic, he enjoys his job more than other activities, and sad every time he can not be in place employment. He also has an obsession with Krabby Patties himself, he has several times declared them as the best food in the world, and in "Just One Bite" and "Shuffleboarding", he was surprised to see one of Krabby Patties discarded. SpongeBob is one of the few characters to have fingers and the only main character who wears shoes. He seems to be very good at his job, because he was the Deputy Assistant General Manager in a lot of different things.

Biography Of Spongebob
SpongeBob's skills as a fry cook could accurately be described as superhuman, in episodes such as "Help Wanted" and "Employee of the Month", he is seen making them at rates of hundreds or even thousands per minute. He has won 374 consecutive Employee Month award at the Krusty Krab. In "Friend or Foe", it was SpongeBob, as an infant, made a perfect patty on his first attempt. In "Neptune's Spatula", he was able to pull the Golden Spatula from the grease, making it "selected" by King Neptune. In the same episode, he makes a better burger than King Neptune makes a lot of fast but very uncomfortable.

Squidward, a restaurant employee, was at the cash register and taking orders. Squidward is the opposite of SpongeBob, he hates his job (as well as the Krusty Krab itself) and do it poorly, and often in addition to working just reading a book or sleeping. SpongeBob and Squidward's boss, Eugene Krabs, a greedy, selfish and abusing employees. He paid them very poorly, far below the legal minimum wage, and so obsessed with money. Even so, SpongeBob no doubt by Mr. Krabs and looks up to him as an authority figure.

While not working, SpongeBob spends most of his time playing with his best friend, Patrick. As SpongeBob, Patrick childish, silly and fun. The two have known each other since early childhood, and a member of the "Best Friends Forever Club". Their usual activities, including hunting jellyfish, blowing bubbles, etc. variety. All they do disturb their neighbors, Squidward, who on various occasions have been put in danger as a direct result of their actions. Despite Squidward openly hating SpongeBob and Patrick, they really do not realize this and believe that they are best friends. SpongeBob and Patrick's favorite superheroes are Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, who retired up to SpongeBob and Patrick confronted by them.

Another friend of SpongeBob is a squirrel from Texas named Sandy Cheeks, who wears a special suit and helmet to survive underwater. SpongeBob first met Sandy when she saw her wrestling a giant clam, which he helped defeat him. Sandy then invited SpongeBob to his home, an airtight terrarium known as the Treedome, and SpongeBob, not knowing what the air, accept. When he came to the Treedome and realizes that there is no water, he began to dry and attempt to survive without water, said himself that he did not need it and that "Water is for people suck!" Eventually, however, he began to panic. Finally, Sandy gives SpongeBob and Patrick bowls of water for use on their heads, which they use normally every time they visit the Treedome.

Biography Of Spongebob
Unlike Patrick, Sandy was very smart, either in technology or practical, but intolerant of stupidity SpongeBob and enjoy his company, and in some episodes, it is implied that Sandy has even raised SpongeBob intelligence far. They love to do extreme sports together, especially Karate. SpongeBob karate skills on display varies between episodes, at times, he is the same and even better than Sandy in skill, while at other times he is incompetent to the point where Sandy can send him flying a short distance with a single blow, in the "Karate Island ", Sandy openly states that his karate skills are better than SpongeBob by" a country mile ". SpongeBob also, on many occasions, has signaled to crush Sandy.

SpongeBob also attended Mrs. Puff Boating School, where he was periodically tested for his driver's license. However, he became very nervous and reckless when behind the wheel of the boat, and has consistently failed his test countless times, often injuring Mrs. Puff and / or destroy the school, sometimes he also destroyed (with the school) around Bikini Bottom in the process. According to the episode "Mrs. Puff, You Fired", SpongeBob has failed the exam 1,258,056 times, and the only person in the history of the school that had failed it. In the same episode, SpongeBob says "can not be taught", even the best teacher can not make it pass. Despite his inability to drive a boat, SpongeBob has been shown to be able to drive / ride a variety of other things capably, including rock, rocket, sandwiches and subs. SpongeBob claims that he does not know how to drive, but just panic behind the wheel and can not concentrate. In "Mrs. Puff, You Fired", SpongeBob received excellent training from a very strong substitute military-esque Mrs. Puff and learn how to drive a conversation, but can only do so while turning a blind eye because of the rigorous training of teachers and the teaching methods are very specific.

Although SpongeBob has several friends, and many residents of Bikini Bottom often treat him quite friendly, most, if not all, citizens of Bikini Bottom has been shown to have some degree of dislike for him. In the episode "Gone", it seems that the holiday called "National Day Without SpongeBob" has been initiated by the citizens of Bikini Bottom. As the name suggests, it is a day dedicated to get away from SpongeBob, where people leave Bikini Bottom for the day. Even Patrick goes, stating that everyone needs at least one day of laughter SpongeBob. During the ceremony, they built a giant wooden sculpture of SpongeBob, burn it, dancing on the ashes (though some, such as Squidward, are actually shown kicking ash), and back to Bikini Bottom before celebrating "National Day Without Patrick '. SpongeBob more honored than insulted by this, because he is the "inspiration" for the holidays.

Sometimes, SpongeBob is a nudist. She is shown naked in Ripped Pants, Nature Pants, Hooky, Pranks a Lot, All That Glitters, Rise and Shine, Overbooked, and Model Sponge, SpongeBob looks naked, especially when he wants to live with jellyfish in Nature Pants. And in Model Sponge, SpongeBob, get clothes when he was used in a commercial sponge. In Pranks Lot, SpongeBob and Patrick must strip to use the invisible spray. In transferred, during the presentation, he was asked to undress and enter the machine. SpongeBob did. He wiped the dress from the inside and left him naked all night.

- Age Spongebob is now 27 years old.
- Desonal bone fragments spongebob is 2 ½ -3 ¼ section.
- Spongebob first look at the Help Wanted, when it got the job.
- Making friends with Patrick.
- The job is a chef "Krusty Krab".