Tuesday, January 29, 2013

7 Traditional House In Indonesia

1. Houses Bubungan (traditional house of Bengkulu Province)

Rumah Adat Provinsi Bengkulu

2. Kebaya Houses (traditional house of DKI Jakarta)

Rumah Adat Provinsi DKI Jakarta

3. Kasepuhan house (traditional house of West Java Province)

Rumah Adat Provinsi Jawa Barat

4. Joglo house (traditional house in East Java, Central Java, and Yogyakarta)

Rumah Adat DI YogyakartaRumah Adat Jawa Timur

5. Gapura Candi Bentar (Traditional House Bali Province)

Rumah Adat Provinsi Bali

6. Samawa Loka (traditional house of West Nusa Tenggara / NTB)

Rumah Adat Nusa Tenggara Barat/NTB

7. Sao Ata Mosa Lakitana (Traditional House NTT / NTT)

Rumah Adat Nusa Tenggara Timur/NTT

Renowned for its variety of Indonesian culture, both types of dance culture, there is a tradition, language and even the home. Next I will describe 7 Indonesian Traditional House Part Two.

Tips Treat Itchy

Bedbug bites can cause itchy bumps and.
Bedbug bites should be immediately stopped because scratching can lead to skin infections.
Scratching an itchy skin can lead to wounds that bacteria could potentially enter and cause infection.
Here's how to stop the itching due to bug bites.
Take 6 to 8 tablets of vitamin C and shear zones with the back of a spoon to a powder.
Add a little water to make a paste. Apply this paste directly to the bug bites that itch.
Apply tea tree oil (tea tree essential oil) to the bedbugs bite. The essential oil will help stop the itching as well as a natural disinfectant.
The essential oil of basil is also effective to relieve itching. Essential oils can be purchased at a pharmacy or drug store. Be sure to buy good quality essential oils.
Apply a paste made from baking soda and water to relieve itching caused by bug bites. Baking soda will help reduce inflammation and stop itching.
Taking an antihistamine drug.
Bedbug bites can cause allergies. Take antihistamines to relieve allergy symptoms include hives.
Follow the instructions for use as written on the packaging or according to doctor's recommendation.
Meet the doctor.
If efforts like the above still does not show results, immediately went to the doctor for further examination.
Your doctor may prescribe stronger drugs to stop the itching caused by bug bites

Diet Tips for People with Kidney Failure

Someone who has experienced kidney failure should keep his diet as many foods that can actually aggravate the condition of the disease. Patients with kidney disease can not eat fruits and vegetables at will, with the same number of healthy people.

It should be understood that there are vegetables and fruits that could potentially worsen the health condition of the patient. Therefore, patients with kidney failure have to really know the content of the fruit and vegetables they consume. "Patients with renal failure should reduce the consumption of fruits because most fruit yield of potassium (potassium) high," said the doctor Dian Novita Chandra, M . Nutrition, Department of Nutritional Sciences Staff Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, told City News recently.

Very high potassium levels (hyperkalemia) can lead to impaired cardiac rhythm. Patients should be able to limit the amount of consumption of fruit each day. For example, apples, kidney patients could only eat half of it. But also keep in mind, if the condition of kidney patients can no longer berkermh, then you should refrain from consumption of fruits and vegetables until smooth urination.

In the meantime, for patients who have not undergone dialysis. recommended for low-protein diet 40-45 grams / day. This of course depends on renal function of patients that can be detected by laboratory tests. If kidney function is less than 15 percent, then the engagement to do dialysis.

Another renal failure in patients who have chronic or chronic long alias. Patients with chronic kidney failure must undergo a strict diet with some purpose which is to regulate fluid and electrolyte balance in the body and to ensure that patients can move like a normal person.
The principle of the diet of patients with chronic renal failure:
Diet or regular soft
As a source of carbohydrates: sugar, jam, syrup, and candy.
Enough energy and low in protein.
As a source of protein, preferably animal protein, such as: milk, beef, meat, and fish. According to the number of people with kidney failure.
As a source of fat, preferably unsaturated fats, with the needs of approximately 25 percent of the total energy required.
For water needs, it is recommended according to the number of 24-hour urine, approximately 500 milliliters with drinks and food.
For the needs of potassium and sodium to the circumstances of the patient.
For calorie needs, about 35 kcal / kg body weight / day.
Limiting salt intake if there is hypertension (high blood pressure) or edema (swelling).
It is also advisable to consume gelatin because in addition to containing energy sources also contain soluble fiber.

Tips On How To Mac Book and Ipad Fixed Fast

Tips On How To Mac Book and Ipad Fixed Fast
To improve the speed performance of the iPad and Mac, here are five steps that you can apply:

1. Clean the complexity arises

Management of the bad file is the most common obstacle today. Data dianggurkan just going to "take place" and increase the burden of the hard drive. In particular, the speed performance of the device will weaken biila data consists of thousands of images and music files. You can copy your iTunes and iPhoto libraries to an external hard drive, so the internal data storage space you will be more "relief".

2. Run Application Required

Do not let the diverse application and leave it open. You can close the application as needed and continue on a more mainstream applications. Multimedia and gaming applications take up a lot of RAM memory. In addition to increasing life lay the burden of memory, the battery will be drained faster.

3. Update OS

By using updated Operating System, then this will increase the quality and overall system performance. Older systems (not updated) can cause "kelemotan" which makes the device a slow pace. Update OS to be the best option to go to the new firmware version.

4. Periodic Restart Devices

iOS is designed to be run in a period of time. Thus, the system also automatically run maintenance. However, by restarting the device, it will be able to recover the RAM memory load and prevents some technical issues such as hanging or auto-restart.

5. Time Machine (Time Machine)

This is a backup system that will store the device in an emergency. This feature is set to make a deposit at certain time intervals (eg, once every hour). This feature is capable of storing RAM, and other sources. Place the Time Machine in the manual and check regularly to make backups of your own, as you want.

Tips on How to Photographing With Smartphones

Tips on How to Photographing With Smartphones
You must often use your smartphone to slingshot the things that interest you, but sometimes a lot of mistakes that occur in taking photos with your smartphone. for that you need to read the tips below so you are able to obtain a good image quality.

1. Note the camera lens

Gabriel noted that the majority of smartphone users are not putting the device in good condition. As a result, when used dirty camera lens and the results were less vibrant images. Before taking note of your smartphone camera lens is clean.

2. Note the room light

The camera does not have the features of a smartphone that supports shooting in low lighting conditions, thus Gabriel suggested that smartphone users pay attention to the lighting conditions before apprehended picture.

3. Use high quality

To produce good images, sometimes before the shooting image quality settings related note, it is recommended to use the maximum quality in order to obtain good results. However, keep in mind when using high quality images, will certainly drain the storage space.

4.Posisi horizontal shooting

Gabriel advised more smartphone users to use the position of shooting horizontally (landscape) rather than using the vertical position (portrait).

5.Use the composition of 1/3 and 2/3

For those of you who already understand photographic techniques, composition may have been the main guide. However, for those who do not know, use a composition of 1/3 or 2/3 parts so that the resulting picture frames clear.

6.Gunakan additional software

After taking into account a number of suggestions snapped the above, the next question is how to process the image so that it looks more attractive. For those of you smartphone users can use a lot of photo editing apps available in app stores like Android Market and iTunes.