Friday, September 6, 2013

A Kitchen Make over granite countertops bay area

My customers introduced me the motivation for their "feature" walls, from an marketing by Marble City, for their Chateau Selection, a mix of shade enameled and stainless-steel.  With an concept in my go, I was off to see my customized manufacturer in Tyson's Area to talk about the concept of stainless-steel created wood made storage and gates.  He was quite satisfied to allow for the ask for and soon we were creating sawdust!

I select to keep the scheme white-colored and greyish, since granite countertops bay area was also a must-have in this kitchen.  However, I finished up with White Dream marble, since it's stronger than stone, which is smoother and can imprinted more quickly.  I did select a mix of Carerra stone for the back splash - the complete is a mixture of refined, perfected and "flamed" (simply significance a difficult surface) - it's really something when the mild strikes it.

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